I'm Something Else (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 22, 2019
  • I’m Something else...

    SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1lVDBUHFHFGNogAAqnmYDN

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    Beat by: Foolish Ways and Somethingelseyt

    Guest Animators:
    Yes-Hi-Hello- https://www.faceclips.net/channel/UCmdiO4vmcBxIxojbha_qJYw

    Background Artist:
    AntiDarkHeart - https://www.twitch.tv/antidarkheart

    Storyboard help:
    MistletoeArt- https://www.faceclips.net/channel/UCR7GPoPl54ItKoSGon7Fniw

    twitter ►https://twitter.com/SomethingelseYT

    Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/somethingelsegram/?hl=en

    -Lyrics written 100% by yours truly -

    I'm kinda mad, sad, shaking in, back forth
    These hacksaw, slack jaws, kicking in back doors
    Its awful, stupid chickens pecking debacles
    With mouthfuls freakin chickens, pissing me off URG

    I’m lookin at these people who hating, discrete and evil
    Telling me that I’m never gunna be anything, a cheap voice
    And I don’t even know what’s goin on anymore
    Cuz these people lookin at me like I’m stupid…. Irregulore

    Halt! Putting their words in a vault!

    Lurkin and jerkin to tear what I’m workin on thinkin it’s getting them off
    Spitting and scoff
    Pick on my dreams
    Thinking I'm joke and missing the ball
    But what do they mean
    its going its going it going it’s gone

    Ha look at me
    I will do and will succeed
    If I don't, I don't care
    I’ll pull down your underwear

    Ha look at me
    I will do and will succeed
    If I don't, I don't care
    I’ll pull down your underwear

    Welp, now I’m looking up!...
    And down at the same time cuz i do not give a WHAT!
    Now these people looking at me like i am freaking nuts
    Cuz Ill be preaching what we be seeking, never giving up
    I'm taking the crash course of beating a dead horse trying to convince (or tell) dorks
    That I'ma pass that I'ma hash back glad proving them wrong cuz
    I’ll be silly with it back down to my booshwa
    Call me Liza Koshy
    Mad puns

    Ha look at me
    I will do and will succeed
    If I don't, I don't care
    I’ll pull down your underwear

    And now I sit down reflect and backtrack
    To those wack from my past who passed trash
    Who act bad who say that I'm… nothing.. a cast out
    Get back in your glass house cuz not only am I something… I'm SomeThingElse

    Ha look at me
    I will do and will succeed
    If I don't, I don't care
    I’ll pull down your underwear
    Ha look at me
    I will do and will succeed
    If I don't, I don't care
    I’ll pull down your underwear
  • Source: https://youtu.be/5IbiEyZXOBk


  • abcd 123

    abcd 123

     37 minutes ago

    I lost count of how many times i watched this

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    • Mittens The Marvelous Model •

     47 minutes ago

    If your being bullied, take Jaiden’s song, James’ song, and Adams song.

  • Cheese Dippers

    Cheese Dippers

     an hour ago

    I watch you more than five years

  • Infinity Plays

    Infinity Plays

     an hour ago

    The last scene has james rallision(odd1sout) in it

  • Carlos Lopez

    Carlos Lopez

     2 hours ago

    Let’s analyze this


  • MikaylaVlogs


     2 hours ago

    My eight-year-old little brother has a weird addiction to this music video and it’s scaring me

  • sassy patrick

    sassy patrick

     2 hours ago

    Look at the likes then look at the dislikes

  • RodriRap


     2 hours ago +1

    Like: somenthings YT
    Coment: Theodd1sout

  • Meme Lord

    Meme Lord

     3 hours ago

    What is that beat from?

  • Черника Чёрнæ

    Черника Чёрнæ

     3 hours ago

    2:20 where did he go ??

  • Andrew Perez

    Andrew Perez

     3 hours ago

    spawn of eminem

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    Hey guy guess what

  • That Random Boi 420

    That Random Boi 420

     4 hours ago +1

    My 5 Year Old Self when someone says I’m dumb:

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     4 hours ago

    1:06 Hands ...Wtf

  • Sarah Gaming

    Sarah Gaming

     4 hours ago

    The people who disliked got their pants pulled down by adam

  • Elizabeth Salazar

    Elizabeth Salazar

     5 hours ago

    mi musica favorita uwu

  • TheBobPlays


     5 hours ago

    This is the origin story to something else

  • TheBobPlays


     5 hours ago

    Me listening to all this dubstep and edm needs a break from it so I come here :) because I can relate to what it says

  • Marshmello gamer

    Marshmello gamer

     5 hours ago

    Ok imma put this on the ok list

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