15 Gravity Falls Deleted Scenes We Never Got To see

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
  • Here are deleted scenes that we never got to see from Gravity Falls!
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    No matter how much we beg, plead, or sign petitions -- Gravity Falls is not coming back. Sure the graphic novels and pages and pages of fan fiction are great to read -- but we’re digging for some true content on the show beyond the epic two seasons we already got to enjoy.

    So we dug -- and we found some great deleted content from episodes, storyboard artists, and some official Gravity Falls releases. Get ready to dig a little deeper into the mystery behind the Mystery Shack. After seeing these deleted scenes, it may be time to start writing Journal number 4! The finale of Gravity Falls was so epic, they spread it across three parts and really went all out in their design and execution. For Weirdmageddon Part 1, one of the collectest scenes was definitely when Dipper and Wendy fly through the Wendy fly through various weirdness bubbles which transforms them inside. For a show that takes place during a single summer, the writers had to get really creative when introducing various holidays. So when the time for a Halloween episode came around, they simply created “Summerween” and the rest was history. In the episode, there’s a quick shot of a flyer for a Summerween flyer. You may notice the flyer itself features the line “NOT S&P Approved”. Along with the cut unicorn fight we saw earlier, The Last Mabelcorn featured another great deleted sequence that would have added a ton of laughs and great moments in the episode. Mabel thinks she needs a pure heart to earn some unicorn fur, so she decides to do a ton of good deeds to help her cause.

    Watch to see all these deleted scenes and several more from Gravity Falls!

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