Where's That Food From? (GAME)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • Does Caesar salad originate from Mexico or Canada? We play the ultimate taste test to find out the origin of misleading foods! GMM #1310.1
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/5Qb5C-o5758


  • Your Boy Guest GFur

    Your Boy Guest GFur

     6 hours ago

    I bet Putin loves this episode, especially at 7:04. :P

  • Kate Herrera

    Kate Herrera

     11 hours ago

    unfair that Link gets a pro dart thrower...

  • The Chosen Failure

    The Chosen Failure


    “Kiev is a place in Russia” yeah before the collapse of the Soviet Union it is now it’s in Ukraine its even the capital of Ukraine.

  • The Chosen Failure

    The Chosen Failure


    You know the earth is round right you don’t have to go al the way to the left from Australia to Canada you could also go to the right.

  • Leah Beth

    Leah Beth



  • Ansh Tiwari

    Ansh Tiwari


    I want Russ to come again, he seems like a nice fellow

  • shane pierce

    shane pierce


    Why cant Link have knife by him out of watching you guys for years thats all i really want to know

  • Sk8ing Theatre Nerd14

    Sk8ing Theatre Nerd14

     2 days ago

    14:24 Link's tantrum😂

  • Kristi


     2 days ago

    Need food from Finland

  • Benjamin Harms

    Benjamin Harms

     3 days ago

    Bring back Russ

  • iMeda


     3 days ago

    I don't want to offend somebody, but is Link wearing a diaper at 14:49? :D

  • just another account

    just another account

     3 days ago

    how dare you insult Australia with that atrocious pineapple on pizza rumors!

  • ben


     4 days ago

    They should bring back Russ

  • Anthony


     4 days ago

    Rhett not just have beaten Link he also out darted a professional dart player......

  • Julie T

    Julie T

     4 days ago +1

    I, a Ukrainian am very offended

  • jacquelyn


     5 days ago

    fun fact the restaurant that invented the Hawaiian pizza is still in business

  • Enn Nõmmik

    Enn Nõmmik

     5 days ago

    kiev is in ukraine, isn't it?

  • SteamCOG


     5 days ago

    i think america should be ran by President Kenith Bone and Vice President Russ.....WHOS WITH ME

  • Ismael Hernandez

    Ismael Hernandez

     5 days ago +2

    These Canadians putting pineapple on pizza... smh

  • CatzuTanTan


     6 days ago

    "It's not going to be a Asian country."