The Funny Stories Tag (w/ TonyvToons)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 26, 2015
  • Tony's Video:

    I literally got HUNDREDS of comments telling me to make this collab (lol no thanks to Tony) They were flipping everywhere!! So here's the video for god's sake xD Hope you enjoy.


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  • SebastianTheGamer


     19 hours ago

    Wait... That is the 5th time I saw another Sebastian. I don't count in the list.
    1. Singing krab in little mermaid
    2. Cow in SMG4
    3. Skunk in diary of a wimpy kid
    4. A scout in pack 33 (He is a cub scout and not old enough to be in the troop
    Edit: forgot the 5th time
    5. This video

  • McKenzie Bowden

    McKenzie Bowden

     2 days ago

    i love you jaiden!!!!!

  • Shehriyar Sherry

    Shehriyar Sherry

     2 days ago

    I see jaiden : yeah something original
    I see Tony : who are you

  • Mighty Gaming

    Mighty Gaming

     3 days ago

    My life is sad so I don’t have a funny moment☹️

  • Ice n Fire

    Ice n Fire

     4 days ago

    2019 any one?

  • Heartwick


     5 days ago

    So, when I was playing with my sister we grabbed something at the same time both of our arms stretched out and we broke in laughter. It was halarious

  • prg32807


     5 days ago

    who watchin this in 2019, and notices the difference in artwork from 2015 and 2019

  • Amanecer Rodriguez

    Amanecer Rodriguez

     5 days ago

    So something that happened to me was that i was playing tag and it was muddy...And i slipped and i didn't fall but IT FELT LIKE IT:>

  • The super sands bros

    The super sands bros

     6 days ago

    once my brother was asleep and I accidently pushed him of the bed

  • Bryson and Brody Madness

    Bryson and Brody Madness

     6 days ago

    Once I was 11 and this lady asked me if I had her pot gummies so I sent her “You’ll have to come quick because Timmy fell down the well”

  • Row and Sy

    Row and Sy

     7 days ago

    One time me and my friend were playing shereads and I pulled "sea horse" and I went, "nay nay water water" and when I told him what it was he said, "A sea horse goes nay nay water water" and then we just started dieing with laughter.

  • Mila Badillo

    Mila Badillo

     7 days ago

    (Wait till the end) so once, I was eating bread, and I walked downstairs, and my brother says: "knock knock." and so I said: "WHO'S THERE?" and he replies "rock."
    "rock who,"
    "ROCK." and even though i was nine and that shouldn't be that funny, i peed myself and choked on my bread at the same time.

  • pepper Mint

    pepper Mint

     7 days ago

    0w0 Look how far you’ve gotten

  • Britt Girls

    Britt Girls

     7 days ago

    SHIP IT !!!!!!!

  • Sara Linn

    Sara Linn

     7 days ago

    well ........ STYLE CHAINGE

  • Zuzia.P Przybylska

    Zuzia.P Przybylska

     7 days ago +1

    I was in church once and I had some gummy bears and I went up to the centre and asked the person there do they want one and when my gummies were gone I started screaming so hard they had to end it and my parents were dying on laughter

  • EJBlueBird


     14 days ago

    I’m so tired.. and out of it, I started laughing when they introduced that stupid bug... XD

  • Carlos Genaro

    Carlos Genaro

     14 days ago

    of course she had improved over the years (her animation and voice technique and stuff) but I love her old videos just as much as the recent ones. I found this channel about a week ago and I am so happy I have years of material to cover

  • Shiny Chariot

    Shiny Chariot

     14 days ago

    One time I was talking to my bff and I told her what I ate for breakfast (eggs and bacon) and she thought I said eggs and bucan and I started to laugh hysterically. Loud enough for the entire table to to here

  • Zalidia


     14 days ago

    1:23 literally every JaidenAnimations video.