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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 15, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/5gy7wSLhJr8


  • FireKicks


     3 months ago +15799

    "your Thor who just let himself go"
    Avengers Endgame: Hold up write that down

  • model esque

    model esque

     1 months ago +1416

    Asian: "y'know, what strikes me, is the fierceness of your hairline"
    Man: 🍄

  • ali ontiveros

    ali ontiveros

     3 months ago +3611

    Did the first dude really predict Thor in endgame?!😂

  • Fabiana A.

    Fabiana A.

     2 months ago +4479

    “I think I’m a 10, cause my mom tells me that”
    “Well I disagree with your mom, I think you’re about a 7”

  • YessY


     a years ago +8711

    The black girl with the short hair was a straight ten.

  • isaabel harwood

    isaabel harwood

     1 months ago +1107

    girl laughing histerically
    tall guy looking soo uncomfortable
    me DYING of laughter

  • Chanjana Ilangovan

    Chanjana Ilangovan

     3 months ago +1678

    "Retired thor" ........ He predicted the future. (like if you understand)

  • Mad die

    Mad die

     1 months ago +215

    When the girl in the stripes is way prettier than the girl in the tank top yet she puts herself at the bottom and tank top girl thinks she’s PRETTY, PRETTY. 💀💀💀💀

  • Orange Juice

    Orange Juice

     1 months ago +350

    Maybe it’s just me but that girl who screamed all the time just made the video super uncomfortable to watch
    Edit: and by the way that’s RUDE AF 4:54

  • Immerse Incorporated

    Immerse Incorporated

     10 months ago +11523

    I can tell why that girl is single...

  • ItsRayning


     3 months ago +576

    That Asian girl is stunning! As well as the black girl

  • Sarah


     1 months ago +146

    The black woman with a pixie cut was gorgeous oh my 💕💓

  • Jane. y

    Jane. y

     3 months ago +628

    “you look like thor who just let himself go” dude foreseen endgame

  • Senitila Fonua

    Senitila Fonua

     1 months ago +214

    White tank top: Im single
    After watching her for 10 seconds: I lnow why now.

  • Kinga Kita

    Kinga Kita

     a years ago +3217

    "You seem nice..."
    "I haven't said anything"
    O MY GOD

  • Karla Cifuentes

    Karla Cifuentes

     1 months ago +114

    Stop bringing Amalia back 😩
    She looks like she’s drunk 24/7

  • sjetno ok

    sjetno ok

     3 months ago +197

    4:50 jesus you can see how annoyed he is, poor guy

  • Meli 5

    Meli 5

     3 months ago +553

    "You're Thor who just let himself go"
    Laughs in Endgame

  • Charlotte Sliverstone

    Charlotte Sliverstone

     1 months ago +228

    That girl keeps saying they’re so nice but I’m like “boo you barely even talked to them🤦🏻‍♀️”

  • Mitsy Pean

    Mitsy Pean

     3 months ago +482

    Yo I just watched Endgame and the beginning of the video had me i tears.