After This Dog Was Found In A Walmart Parking Lot, Carers Uncovered Her Astonishing Story

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 10, 2019
  • At first, nothing seemed unusual about the stray Maltese dog that was handed in to Turlock Police Animal Services. But after scanning her microchip, the officers realized just how wrong they had been. Surely, this couldn’t be the same dog? But all the evidence proved that it was, and now they had an important call to make.

    May 15, 2017, was a wonderful day for many, but it was especially so for little Trixie, a 13-year-old Maltese dog who was found early that afternoon in Turlock, California. It was an unnamed good Samaritan who discovered the pint-sized pooch, and they’d noticed her in a most unlikely location.

    Yes, Trixie had been spotted in the car park of a Walmart store, and her owner was nowhere in sight. The kind-hearted citizen correctly guessed she had been left there all alone and now needed a safe place to stay. Consequently, they handed the dog in to the authorities.

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  • Christine V.

    Christine V.

     3 months ago

    Your story are usually interesting but I get angry that the video has little or nothing to do with the story. I keep forgetting why I don't want to look at your videos then I remember when I find myself listening to a story while trying to make sense of the bunch of unrelated pictures on the screen. Yechch!! I hate what you do. It bores me and gives me a headache all at once. Quite a feat!!! I hope I'll remember next time and steer clear. Hasta la vista, baby.

  • Sub Rosa

    Sub Rosa

     4 months ago

    This site sucks. You just do a montage of stock photos with very little connection to the actual story.

  • Ann 27

    Ann 27

     6 months ago

    What a stupid video. There is no Trixie.

  • Michele Dunsworth

    Michele Dunsworth

     6 months ago

    That story left me in tears happy of course yea trixie.

  • Blakkat Studio OonaVaKind

    Blakkat Studio OonaVaKind

     6 months ago

    They show a mini Aussie for a mmmkay

  • Sharon Solinski

    Sharon Solinski

     6 months ago +1

    my little Maltese died 6 years ago. she was 16 years old, her name was pixie. she died from cancer, it was so sad. I cried so much, I didn't know how emotional it would be. she was really was a character. Our little dogs really are family...

  • Christine Still

    Christine Still

     7 months ago

    using actors to tell a simple story is silly. Won’t waste time on this again. Dumb!

  • Stefania Pedrosi

    Stefania Pedrosi

     7 months ago +1

    Very inspirational dog+owner reunion after nearly 3 years Incredible! Would have been nice though to see authentic photos and/or footage

  • Rainbow Fox

    Rainbow Fox

     7 months ago

    I really dislike all the confusing photos that have nothing to do with the story.

  • Kandis Nielsen

    Kandis Nielsen

     7 months ago

    How precious that is I'm so happy she found her way back home and you guys are very good for her.

  • Julie Riley

    Julie Riley

     7 months ago

    Thank God she got her baby back. Wonderful...

  • Connie Wolf

    Connie Wolf

     7 months ago +4

    I’m not gonna watch anymore of your vids. These other people have nothing to do with the story!

  • Connie Wolf

    Connie Wolf

     7 months ago +6

    Why do you show all of these other dogs in the video?

  • Teresa Lowry

    Teresa Lowry

     7 months ago +5

    It would be great if you could hook your dog's tracking chip to your cell phone and if your dog goes across your property line an alarm will go off on your cell phone and the tracking device will begin following the dog.

  • Greg Hall

    Greg Hall

     7 months ago +1

    I’m so glad that you found Trixie Thank You 🙏 to the person that found trixie and made the trip back with the dog

  • Leigh Terry

    Leigh Terry

     7 months ago +1

    So Happy,4 sweet Trixie that she's home safe & sound, finally back in her family's loving arms! May God Bless You, sweet Baby, with an extra long life, especially for the sad years you lost with your family! Much💜& Health and happiness to you, dear Trixie! I 😿 through this whole vid! So happy that every1 got their happy ending, especially this dear, sweet pup who must have been💔in missing her family! 💜2Trixie & her family, & God Bless the sweet woman who rode on the plane with Trixie, to ensure this sweet, little pups safe & long awaited journey home!💜U,sweet Trixie;you're so beautiful!💜🐶! Dog's and animals are true blessings from God; the world would be such a sad,💔 place without them!💕💞🐶😺🐰🐯🐱🐣🐭🐹🎁🎁🎁s💜💜💜🐾💜🐾💜☀️☀️☀️🌟🌟🌟💞💕💜

  • Laura Ellen

    Laura Ellen

     7 months ago +15

    This video is tediously long & the story could have been more concise. Video also doesn't match narration.

  • Barb Johnson

    Barb Johnson

     7 months ago +28

    Why do you always show so many different people and so many different dogs. Why do you use stock footage? It makes the story confusing.

  • ballinacrossrose


     7 months ago +2

    That little dog must have suffered mentally just as much as her owners did, I just don't understand how people can take other people's animals, this video proves the importance of having all our animals microchipped.

  • Lori Passerman

    Lori Passerman

     7 months ago +8

    So happy for Trixie. Hope they all have a happy long life together ❤❤❤