Food for thought: China's Food Safety | 101 East

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 8, 2014
  • Every year two million people die from unsafe food and water around the world. Food safety experts warn these deaths may be caused by human design, and nowhere is this trend more prevalent than in China.Tracing the making of a bowl of wonton noodle soup, a 101 East investigation exposes the toxic stew this iconic dish has become.From tainted additives in noodles to growth hormones in pork, to industrial filler posing as meat, presenter Steve Chao finds that anything is possible for producers looking to cut corners and make a fast buck.Do you have a story about Chinese food you consumed? @AJ101East goes undercover to expose the hidden harm in China's Food Industry.More from 101 East on:- YouTube - Facebook - - Twitter - - Instagram - - Website - #FoodSafety #101East
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  • exas4791


     2 years ago +1459

    Imagine your hospital technician having to lie about kidney stones in patients to protect her job......

  • Glenda Starkey

    Glenda Starkey

     4 months ago +823

    The man that made traditional dishes a noodles from scratch..may God bless..your business and protect you

  • I am

    I am

     4 months ago +295

    The guy making things the good way is in the city of Guangzhou. The restaurant is called 吳財記。I've never been, but since I had to search for it on the internet, I thought I would type it in for you. The internet gives the address as 大同路和隆里20號。If I am ever in Guangzhou, I will definitely check it out.

  • Mr star

    Mr star

     2 months ago +284

    "What does it do to your body?"
    Continues to eat

  • Rory Jiang

    Rory Jiang

     3 months ago +254

    The last minute of this video made me weep, it is sympathetically admirable that few Chinese still have backbone for their nation and people with morals and principles as real humanbeing.

  • theragingbull14


     2 years ago +4389

    the guy that made the traditional wonton noodle soup is the real mvp.

  • david vang

    david vang

     3 months ago +155

    You can always count on China for cheap knock offs

  • So Angry

    So Angry

     2 months ago +141

    I watch lots of videos about China - I've yet find a single one that would make me want to visit.

  • M Dawson

    M Dawson

     3 months ago +101


  • Susan Kerr

    Susan Kerr

     3 months ago +60

    don't forget the plastic rice

  • JE720 EP

    JE720 EP

     2 days ago +3

    ANy product I see ? food or any other items that says "Made in CHina" I put it in the TRASH

  • gee lll

    gee lll

     2 days ago +4

    CHINA IS THE BEST MAKER OF FAKE FOOD.. feed ur on family wd toxic food..😢😢
    all fake..

  • Trygve Evensen

    Trygve Evensen

     3 months ago +145

    China, this is not the right way to depopulate your country...

  • mixie6650


     3 months ago +40

    This has been happening in the U.S. for many many years...except the drug companies are in control of the unsafe foods and the medications that "cure"them

  • A&W


     3 years ago +1528

    Hope the little girl recovers from her kidney stones :/

  • peter yeung

    peter yeung

     3 months ago +50

    The winner, we hope, is the gentleman that takes his time making the noodles by hand.

  • Woolder Taylor

    Woolder Taylor

     4 months ago +176

    That's why I don't travel to China. They have laws, but it is a law-less nation.

  • equarg


     3 months ago +132

    I find my self checking my food labels more and more often.
    If I see “Made in China”......
    I put the package back!!!

  • Alone world

    Alone world

     yesterday +3

    China is not only poisoning its own country but also other countries by selling their products in abundant for cheap prices.
    Please guys make sure u dont buy anything from CHINA.

  • TheICEgirl6100


     a years ago +536

    now i understand why chinese immigrants buy up baby formula overseas to sent back home