Opioids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • John Oliver discusses the extent and root of the nation’s epidemic of opioid addiction.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/5pdPrQFjo2o


  • Tim Kinney

    Tim Kinney

     32 minutes ago

    Where tf do I get one of those Oxy gorillas?!

  • Smeif Chapman

    Smeif Chapman

     18 hours ago

    I cant get pain relief now because pain docs didnt wanna touch me at such a young age. It pissed me off so bad I've refused to ever go try again and just buy from the streets. The doctors are as much to blame as the drug makers. Govt as fkd it at ever corner also.

    If we spent half as much on rehab programs and job training for addicts that we spend locking them up we could rewlly put a dent in he issue and the economy gets a boost also. Its a win win but incarceration is easier and more profitable

  • jesseus jam

    jesseus jam


    cia makes all the opium and sells it just like they funded contras with coke

  • SpursFan214


     yesterday +1

    hey hey hey hey... smoke weed every day

  • deer speak

    deer speak


    This sell out is still on?

  • Pixel Hotaru

    Pixel Hotaru

     2 days ago

    I suffer from chronic pain and since 2004 I have been taking prescription opioids to manage it.
    I had to recently switch from Tramadol to Palexia and the weening process was not fun.

  • Andrew Mann

    Andrew Mann

     2 days ago

    Get these guys some Kratom ASAP

  • TheJimtanker


     2 days ago

    In Fayetteville, North Carolina, on the corner of Yadkin and Skibo (yes those are real street names) there are TWO Waffle Houses. You know you're in the South when there are TWO Waffle Houses on the same corner.

  • Paltheus


     2 days ago


  • Lonnie Dobbins

    Lonnie Dobbins

     2 days ago

    I've been taking pain killers for decades and not addicted or do I hurt myself to obtain medications.

  • Craig Crawford

    Craig Crawford

     2 days ago

    Yeah, and now people who suffer pain are suffering from pain because God forbid they get adequate pain relief but give addicts all the suboxone and methadone they want! Pfft...

  • Andrew Melnikov

    Andrew Melnikov

     2 days ago

    Strangely the topic of legalizing cannabis (not all forms of which are addictive) is still being stalled 3,5 years later.
    Maybe because it's not "cheap, quick and easy". It requires actual work and actual research for the best ways to use it (as well as a hella work of convincing people of a simple fact that alcohol is more dangerous).
    As a bonus, it works for cancer patients.

  • Seditia Rose

    Seditia Rose

     3 days ago

    My ex loves oxycontin. Complete scumbag with or without.

  • 09yulstube


     3 days ago

    I'm saving that "fuck you" to the what-about-periods guy.

  • Austin Iverson

    Austin Iverson

     3 days ago +1

    Lady in the background sounds EXACTLY like salacious crumb lmao

  • Jeff somersby

    Jeff somersby

     3 days ago

    trump is why you cannot have a person like him as a president ...He has no idea about a drug like Heroin but also doesn't have the cognitive Ability to do 10 minutes research to find out....The man is so stupid and inept he cannot grasp anything like the massive US's drug problem. The Answer ? You go and find out what the problems are and stop being so godamn lazy and ignorant.
    This is the reason I get miffed on here when people ask questions that are really easy to find out the answer and where people should know the damn answer in the first place. You are on a computer ffs.
    DON'T be ignorant, be smart and proud to be smart.
    Trump is Willfully ignorant and is proud of it. The world needs people like trump like Africa needs his retarded kids running around with guns.

  • f


     3 days ago

    Wait....you can inject pot with a needle? Fuck, I've been doing it all wrong this whole time!

  • Sc0ttishGamer88


     4 days ago

    how dare you say that in an alternate dimension where doggo's are the dominant species they would have drug issues! doggo's are pure and innocent. they would not be blighted by the problems of us mere mortals.

  • pimplyface64


     4 days ago

    That loud bitch in the crowd is the worst part of this show.

  • Elias Davalos

    Elias Davalos

     4 days ago +1

    My cat knocked my Adderall off the counter and my dog chewed up the bottle and ate a few pills :(. That was a few years ago and thankfully he's still alright