Failing Restaurant Serves Everything Out Of Plastic Bags! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 7, 2018
  • Should have gone to the BBQ.If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: Gordon Ramsay:Website: http://www.gordonramsay.comFacebook:
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  • Dat


     a years ago +4003

    from Jamaica to NINO

  • Thomas H

    Thomas H

     a years ago +2753

    “So I’m willing to allow him to tell me how I can make it better”
    Oh wow, I’m sure he’s genuinely honored.

  • Emmpeccable Entertainment

    Emmpeccable Entertainment

     a years ago +3332

    The thumbnail looks like a crime scene 🤢

  • Ananda Brock

    Ananda Brock

     a years ago +688

    I really wish the waitress didn’t tell her Gordon made her food. Would have loved to see if she acted any differently.

  • Thomas H

    Thomas H

     a years ago +1501

    From Jamaica to Ninooooooooo

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     a years ago +1222

    The plastic is fookin raw

  • Brian W

    Brian W

     a years ago +317

    Nino would fly to Asia, harvest the rice himself, cook it fresh for every order and have the pictures to prove it.

  • Generic Gamer

    Generic Gamer

     a years ago +386

    The owner might have a doctorate but her son has the smarts

  • Powah


     a years ago +939

    At least they don't bag their salad...

  • Ricus de Vries

    Ricus de Vries

     a years ago +66

    That woman took the smallest bite ever : " OMG thats amazinggg" 😂😂 so set up realy.

  • TheProfessional


     a years ago +288

    I bet Nino organized the food into those bags . Hes really good at cleaning . I bet he took pictures of it as well .

  • The Investigator594 Official

    The Investigator594 Official

     a years ago +174

    Dr. Morris is a doctor who’s needs a doctor

  • TashaTheSagittariusChicagoan


     a years ago +252

    This doctor shouldn't be operating a restaurant, even Nino said it.

  • Marko C

    Marko C

     a years ago +337

    I love that all the customers suddenly turn into professional food critics when a meal is not good

  • My Toaster Oven

    My Toaster Oven

     11 months ago +30

    "I was really impressed with how people enjoyed the barbecue"
    i know it's almost like people prefer to eat fresh hot food over fetid leftovers

  • jose paolo Aranda

    jose paolo Aranda

     a years ago +265

    Wow, I just noticed that the boss was a Jamaican Super Mario. Maybe Super Maria?

  • Dripht


     a years ago +65

    Sponsored by Ziploc

  • xXGhoulishNinjaTurtleXx


     a years ago +292

    This isn't leftovers galore.

  • Gaming Studios

    Gaming Studios

     a years ago +168

    Plastic bags are Raw

  • Alter Egos

    Alter Egos

     a years ago +87

    She was a tough nut to crack but she did change which was good. Glad to see it all worked out for them.