Asmongold Reacts to "Why Blackrock Depths is the Greatest MMORPG Dungeon of all time" by Tips Out

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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  • Leon

     1 months ago

    I can't wait to spend 8 hours doing 1 run of BRD

  • Old Blood


    The horror.... the horror.... I can see soo many dumb ass wipe fests happening... ill never do a random grp for BRD too many idiots will not know what to do making you waste hours of which could be an easy run. BWL is the true form of BRD at its finest Naxx is by far the best raid cause of the undead = FOR THE WIN! I think I like the undead dungeons more..... scholomance and baron runs and strat are by far my fav dungeons.... the entire plauge lands is my homeland.... I remember just grinding mobs ...

  • Jordan Edwards

     6 days ago

    archona54 agreed buddy

  • mervanulis

     3 days ago

    "Omg BRD is my all time favourite dungeon in WoW...I won't run it more than 5 times in total tho......"WTF ?

  • John Cotto

     1 months ago

    Wants to tank for his guild yet thinks hes only gonna run BRD 5×... yea ok lol

  • joliene washington

     21 days ago

    ​@Nain Mayoudavich >sub IQ detected>i went into MC with shitgear and i did top 10 dpsGuess what, your guild sucked. >locks are subpar mage dpsLocks do more dps, but shadowthreat is a bitch. >we dont need druidsYeah, who needs pink paw anyway right? Absolutely shit IQ.

  • Ian Stewart

     28 days ago

    what dungeon do you get the barman shanker? What is your point saying you got good dps with a notriously powerful pre raid dagger (from BRD)as a rogue lol

  • R4IN Xs

     1 months ago

    Ah man, I remember spending all my free time after school in that fucking dungeon, not even looking into the direction of my homework. Good times man.

  • dave no

     25 days ago

    @Mnolife Keep living the illusion !!!

  • Mnolife

     25 days ago

    @dave no Someone has to, mate. Like it or not, they keep the world turning more than you do.

  • The Real Pupnasty

     1 months ago

    BRD was basically an INSTANCED ZONE.

  • Kenneth Carpenter II

     28 days ago

    UBRS was my favorite 20 man

  • nws void

     29 days ago

    pretty much seeing as it contained a raid entrance

  • Todd Curtis


    Best Dungeon in wow yes, best dungeon in all MMOs, No

  • Nathanael Hill

     1 months ago

    I like Asmongold's streams, but they really are echo chambers

  • A.J

     19 hours ago

    asmon is his own echo chamber. He's a twat that shuts down or ignores anything that doesn't rhyme with what he thinks. Even if his points are wrong. He's SIMPLY milking his stupidity for content and I can't respect such a person.

  • Bartosz Bartosiewicz

     a months ago

    @Anier VG As i said "one buttom spam". Im not saying that old talent trees were bad or anything like that, i enjoyed them. All I am saying is that the overall gameplay was really fucking basic and in many cases didn't make much sense. Ret paladins were basicaly a meme and if you wanted to play that you were AA bot with 2 buttons. Frost mage was spaming frost bolt 24/7. Even if class design in retail is not ideal at least you get to press buttons and you can feel like you are doing someth...

  • weazz

     1 months ago

    NOT JUST BRD, I propose ALL OF Black Rock Mountain.BRD, LBRS, UBRS, MC, BWL. THE skeleton roadways of all the raid pvp that went on. That entire mountain was the core of WOW.

  • Kieran O'Connor

     1 months ago

    @Th3 Kool Aid Man It certainly was the core for quite a long time, I am just saying it was not the core for the entirety of classic. Just as tarren mills was a pvp hotspot in the beginning, it died out as people progressed. Once more of the population progressed and the PvP system was implemented along with battlegrounds like WSG and AV there was hardly any PvP left at those previous "core" locations, and most of the world PvP happened around the current dungeons or battlegrounds. It will lik...

  • Th3 Kool Aid Man

     1 months ago

    @Kieran O'Connor I'm not saying there weren't. I'm saying Blackrock was far more popular, and therefore, the "Core" of WoW, as the OP suggested.Just by the numbers argument, that's true. Survey a random 1,000 Vanilla players and how them how much PvP there were engrossed in between Blackrock, AQ, and Naxx.I'm not trying to attack you, just saying Blackrock Mountain was far more of a WoW Classic PvP spot. It had people from the mid 40's up to 60's there, and *most* players at that level wi...

  • mitre991 hj

     11 hours ago

    BRD would have been epic, if it wasn't for respawning trash.

  • Dan Reder

     1 months ago

    Brd hooked me into dungeon content, Scarlet Mon got my beak wet but BRD was so epic. Then the dungeon finder ruined it....

  • Tellegaard

     24 days ago

    Good thing we're going back to the roots!!