Candace Owens Holds Her Ground When Questioned By Congress

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 21, 2019
  • Trump 2020

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  • Linda Curtis

    Linda Curtis

     4 months ago +5625

    This woman is so quick. I don’t care what color her skin is. She doesn’t either. She doesn’t have to think before she speaks. She just speaks from her heart. That is so rare in today’s world. I could listen to her for hours.

  • Cal Miller

    Cal Miller

     9 minutes ago

    I like to follow her and have watched this clip of Candace at least 10 times. Her response is off the top of her mind and she never hesitates or backs down from her facts or beliefs during this senate or Congress hearing! Nadler continues to look incompetent and a disgrace to the human race. He clearly is driven by a personal agenda against OUR PRESIDENT! He should be tried for treason, at minimum, proceeding with ill-intent and wasting hard earned tax payers dollars that are needed elsewhere!

  • Lj Simpson

    Lj Simpson

     31 minutes ago

    First, Candace Owens is amazing. Second.. Is Nadler suffering from dementia? He seemed like he was struggling to complete his thoughts.

  • Tim Norman

    Tim Norman

     an hour ago

    I love this woman

  • dogsitter68


     an hour ago

    i called him a nipper not stupid

  • Jared Pitts

    Jared Pitts

     an hour ago

    She's such a bad-ass.

  • Dean Prange

    Dean Prange

     an hour ago

    That bullshit about Black unemployment again? All unemployment is down thanks to Obama era policies. The gap between Black and White unemployment remains exactly the same. Had Trump done anything to diminish that gap you could say he has done something good specifically for Black Americans. He has only accomplished a benefit for the very rich and he has clearly demonstrated his racism. She may be clever but she has joined the cult and she drank the Flavor Aid.

  • James Gelinas

    James Gelinas

     an hour ago

    Well spoken, quick, factual, & informed! Reminds me id listening to Ben Shapiro. Intelligent & factually correct. Nobody on the left ever stands a chance against TRUTH! Well done Candace!👍👍👍

  • conni70


     an hour ago

    Candice Owens is the type of leader the black community needs...not the race baiters, who are constantly drumming up the victim narrative..

  • Big Colt

    Big Colt

     2 hours ago

    Dems gotta be masochists to keep exposing themselves to these beatdowns.

  • Lunaticfringe Life

    Lunaticfringe Life

     2 hours ago

    I certainly hope Ms. Owens considers a run for president the very minute she is the required 35 years of age.

  • james brooks

    james brooks

     2 hours ago

    I love Candance but I can't stop watching the white guy while she'stalking

  • fa de

    fa de

     2 hours ago

    Totally held her ground

  • Cindy Witter

    Cindy Witter

     3 hours ago

    I love Candice. A very strong young woman with a mind of her own, she’ll accomplish great things in her life. History will remember her, and rightfully so!

  • Chris Lovitt

    Chris Lovitt

     3 hours ago

    What's wrong with the guy next to her?

  • TRichmond1964


     3 hours ago

    Fox news disables comments on a Laura Ingram interview with Candace Owens! Fox do you Love the the First Amendment or Not ?????!!!!!😝

  • Walt Hoffman

    Walt Hoffman

     3 hours ago

    Candace Owens for president!!

  • Texas Travels

    Texas Travels

     4 hours ago


  • TheMerciless


     4 hours ago

    That Mr Buck sounds like the kind of guy that would pull over and help you change a tire.

  • MicTheAutisticOni


     4 hours ago

    Candace Owens is my hero she is exactly what we need in our community