TEAMMATES TURNED RIVALS!! Mario Mckinney Goes Against Former Teammate in Basketball Rivalry Game!

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 15, 2018
  • Here's Mario Mckinney & Vashon High School going up against Joseph Reece (Old Dominion) a former teammate of Vashon that transferred to rivalry school East Saint Louis. This is the match-up that got the whole city to come out and witness what the former player said he was going to do against his old teammates and school as controversy has been stirring up ever since the school year started about the former player leaving Vashon to go with East Saint Louis. The hype continued to grow day by day leading up to this game about the former player will make a statement against the Vashon program and how it was a reason why he left the school but Vashon responded back and made sure no statement was made as the Wolverines flew past East Saint Louis in a whopping 91-58 victory.

    Phillip Russell- 26 points
    Mario McKinney- 19 points
    Cam’Ron Fletcher- 12 points

    East Saint Louis:
    Terrance Hargrove- 22 points
    Joe Reece - 7 points
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  • BallislifeMidwest


     2 years ago +498

    Before the game, the moment of silence was for a former player (Eric Clark, 22) of Tony Irons (Vashon Head Coach) that got murdered on New Years Eve. A terrible tragedy for the city of Saint Louis and the basketball community. #LongLiveSm00v !



     7 days ago +1

    #3. On blue and orange trash. He’s more talk, and complain. Than actually being a team player. 😂 I wanted to knock this nigga out.

  • Toheeb Abdul

    Toheeb Abdul

     7 days ago

    #3 a bad player attitude and skill

  • DuckY


     14 days ago

    Drums after every made shot needs to go

  • DKK5 DKK5

    DKK5 DKK5

     14 days ago

    #3 is a bitch. U don’t get a timeout for your shoe coming off. He’ll be in jail for shooting someone one day . He’s got a fucked up attitude!

  • Dyson Watson

    Dyson Watson

     14 days ago +1

    when his shoe came off and he missed the dunk

  • Luisthegoat300


     14 days ago

    Black on black violence

  • twyztedsteel81


     14 days ago

    #3 is a trashbag. Get that bum off the court.

  • WhoIs Bhris

    WhoIs Bhris

     21 days ago

    i’m late but #3 did allat lmaoooooooo boy ass



     21 days ago

    #3 trash asf 😂

  • Lil HoneyNut

    Lil HoneyNut

     1 months ago

    That ref is my dad

  • Troll Man

    Troll Man

     1 months ago

    #3 no one would come for you’re ass if you just played humble but you seem cocky and you suck so 🤷🏽‍♂️ did it to ya self bud

  • stefano Mucci

    stefano Mucci

     1 months ago

    What is name for the guy number 3??

  • Wins Ton

    Wins Ton

     1 months ago

    3 got some anger issues

  • M.C.D Nutto

    M.C.D Nutto

     1 months ago

    I would of punched numba 3 in his shit he act to hard instead of just playing basketball

  • mikes WRLD

    mikes WRLD

     1 months ago

    #3 got in more fights then he scored points lmfaooo

  • 1k šavøę

    1k šavøę

     1 months ago +1

    #3 like 7’0 150lbs with a 15inch vert and hella attitude. Nigga if uon hop back on dat apple jack box

  • 1k šavøę

    1k šavøę

     1 months ago +1

    That #3 stand for 3 sec get tf out the paint u sorry bitch take that shoe off till issa dead ball weak jit

  • 1k šavøę

    1k šavøę

     1 months ago +1

    Game starts at 4:00



     1 months ago

    #1 got heart. i couldnt get chop twice and not swing