How the theif open and break car window easily!!

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 26, 2013
  • CCTV surveillance captured thief cut window mirror who see how sneaky people in the car next to the absentminded all call 999 the police, ask the police to come to interrogations!
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  • CHALABI Abdou

    CHALABI Abdou

     a months ago


  • Trey Bastin

    Trey Bastin

     4 months ago

    You were caught on camera and he should be in jail and he is stupid

  • JC HD

    JC HD

     8 months ago +1

    NO, he had Indian Underwear, it's always creeping up on him!!!!!

  • Braadyx YT

    Braadyx YT

     9 months ago

    Doesn’t look that easy to me poor guys struggling

  • Kurtus SJS

    Kurtus SJS

     10 months ago +1

    Amateur.... Takes me 2secs

  • I am Jayelee That's Me

    I am Jayelee That's Me

     a years ago

    what did he use? did he cut the rubber that was sealed around the window?

  • sejdr


     a years ago

    how did he do? anyone can make a video to explain how?

  • itsmejunky


     a years ago

    All the people talking nonsense. First of all that was a very good job on the part of the Chinese man and all you folks talking about you would beat him up and this and that, most likely you wouldn't do shit but call 911 and if you did try to come at that guy you would have probably got fucked up (you don't think he planned for that too) stop the lies and exaggeration

  • Steve-o


     a years ago

    bip the window and be gone in less than 45 seconds with everything

  • Black Dinero

    Black Dinero

     a years ago

    he took too long

  • Bradbanana


     a years ago

    What a weak fuck. Can't even press a automatic center punch

  • i have too much time

    i have too much time

     a years ago

    i wanna see the part where the police and authorities catch him and he just jumps out and starts picking at his ass again lol

  • yg no mercy

    yg no mercy

     a years ago

    He a scary ass nigga 💯

  • Zes


     2 years ago

    no such thing as thiex or not, do anyx

  • Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever

     2 years ago

    If u want this to be fast start at 3:40

  • Jon Beeler

    Jon Beeler

     2 years ago

    Fast??? Yea right! Try doing it with a life hammer. You'll be in that car in literally 2 seconds. Dumbass!

  • dre2fresh


     2 years ago

    it's sad that the world is still crappy in 2556

  • D Bee

    D Bee

     2 years ago

    Seriously? I'm not sure if it's the camera's exposure....but is he seriously wearing white?

  • subie boy

    subie boy

     2 years ago

    he juz want to sleep inside the car..dont blame him

  • t4705mb6


     2 years ago +5

    Get a JOB!!