Video shows moments before Branson, Missouri duck boat capsizes

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
  • At least 13 are dead and 6 remain missing after a severe storm flooded a tourist boat on a southwestern Missouri lake. Warning: Video contains emotionally or visually disturbing content.

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  • RappidGamer11


     1 months ago

    Couldn’t have just recorded a bit longer

  • DuhitzTucker


     1 months ago

    I was there the day before

  • Jewel Grier

    Jewel Grier

     1 months ago

    Why arent they rescued

  • micah grubb

    micah grubb

     2 months ago

    this shoulda never happened. Stupid ass captain and a stupid ass company

  • joerover22


     2 months ago

    What an absolute moron

  • Machine Man

    Machine Man

     2 months ago

    Think I would of gotten the heck out of the boat

  • RF10278


     3 months ago

    I Never liked duck boats. :(

  • Raul Cepero

    Raul Cepero

     3 months ago

    Piss poor captain desissions.
    Instead of fighting I would turn boat safely around and get close to shore.

  • MsJinkerson


     6 months ago

    too rough of water for those small boats



     8 months ago

    0:47 0:51 what happened?

  • Maddie Martin

    Maddie Martin

     8 months ago

    It’s very sad I was going to bring in the time that it up and and it was on my birthday party rest in peace who has not made it

  • Lachlan O'Neil

    Lachlan O'Neil

     9 months ago

    Why didn't they just get out

  • Michael Ojeda

    Michael Ojeda

     10 months ago

    That thing nosedived like a submarine.

  • Shyan Marie

    Shyan Marie

     11 months ago

    Don't give them your business. As of this moment they're trying to claim that they shouldn't have liability because they lost the boat. They also seemed indifferent to the 17 lives lost, and seemed to express more concern about their boat. They are literally citing a law from 1851 stating they owe the families 'nothing' despite one of the customers losing 9 family members. I wouldn't give this place a f*cking dime! They let people go out and KNEW there was a storm coming! They have 100% LIABILITY. If no waivers were passed out and signed, they are 100% liabel! Here's the proof too!

  • Patriot Rep

    Patriot Rep

     a years ago

    I love that these people just watch!! Be better than this

  • Shelley Greenfield

    Shelley Greenfield

     a years ago

    Omg rip that doomed duck 🦆 boat is a death trap I feel so bad it took all those inisant souls how sad 😢 rip

  • joshua lee

    joshua lee

     a years ago

    with this situation.... ride the ducks shouldnt be in that deep of water
    go shallower n do a tour.... not 150 deep or 300 feet deep of water... just stupid n scary.. specially when u go over kimberling city bridge n see how big the white caps can be... just overalll scary

  • dono Taylor

    dono Taylor

     a years ago

    it shows humanity don't give a shit, about the next person.

  • Don


     a years ago

    People never put their life jackets on and abandon ship when its time to GTFO. Better off wearing a life jacket in the water than staying cargo in a sinking can.

  • gavingaming123


     a years ago

    This is why I am scared of boats.