He Said, "HE AIN'T SCORING ON ME!!" Josh Christopher RESPONDS W/ 40+ Point Game

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 13, 2019
  • Credit to the defender for stepping his game up that night. Only thing was Josh stepped it up as well. He could've had 50 but missed a bunch a of free throws. His team Mayfair moves onto the 3rd round of SoCal Playoffs.

    Filmed & Edited by George Nguyen

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/67e2Vrhih0I


  • KnewWhen


     5 months ago +5

    Check out the official Josh Christopher mixtape

  • johnn_gotti


     2 days ago

    “He ain’t scoring on me”

    You got dunked on

  • Kwamane Howard

    Kwamane Howard

     3 days ago

    Pass the ball

  • Cory Mathews

    Cory Mathews

     7 days ago +1

    Why does no 11 run like that

  • Anthony Linkous

    Anthony Linkous

     14 days ago

    He would of had 60 if he could hit a free throw

  • big amp

    big amp

     14 days ago

    Go Blue big fella!

  • Stiltmans Stilt

    Stiltmans Stilt

     28 days ago

    Kids today are such punks

  • Heaven Manshack

    Heaven Manshack

     1 months ago

    he looks like a girl

  • Reiley Satele

    Reiley Satele

     1 months ago

    No.11 I remember him from Jalen playing in the Phillipines... that’s about it😂

  • Reiley Satele

    Reiley Satele

     1 months ago

    Damnn Mike😳😳😳 5:10

  • Nolscor Ramos

    Nolscor Ramos

     1 months ago

    He is thingking he is mike.

  • José C Ortiz

    José C Ortiz

     1 months ago

    Two team (the same Game)and 37-12-1=13

  • Directed By Joey

    Directed By Joey

     1 months ago

    I make tutorials on how to make crazy basketball effects on mixtapes like SLAM and BLEACHER REPORT 🔥 💻

  • Keith Hudson

    Keith Hudson

     1 months ago

    Some of these kids today needs to stop pretending like they're D Wade out there and play within their limits. Rushing layups and rimming out way to much.

  • Bernard Jackson

    Bernard Jackson

     1 months ago

    Right hand shooter, left hand up. Left hand shooter, right hand up. So called "ballers" please learn basic defense😳

  • Rock Hadnot

    Rock Hadnot

     1 months ago

    Cory Sanders attitude all day lol fr fr



     1 months ago

    He the typa dude to tell you he gon help out with the group project, but nowhere to be found.

  • Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

     1 months ago

    What a ball hog

  • Alexandra Lyde

    Alexandra Lyde

     1 months ago

    And at 20 second y #13 socks Jordan logo upside down

  • Alexandra Lyde

    Alexandra Lyde

     1 months ago

    At 18 seconds and Jeep going that move was a travel count the steps