We're praying for Bella...

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 28, 2018
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    Vlog #1437 - Today, Bella comes home but it's not the homecoming that we'd hoped it would be.

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  • KidBehindACamera


     4 months ago +461

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  • lauren penate

    lauren penate

     8 days ago

    She missed Lazy. They grew up together.
    I had 2 dogs that grew up together they were brothers and one of them got sick and passed and my other one didn’t eat for days until I guess he was over the grief

  • Tinker B

    Tinker B

     15 days ago

    I know I'm coming into this kind of late after this video but I hope Bella dance better even if something bad happens it's always okay she's always going to be in your heart



     16 days ago

    Have a Sioux medicine man(native American) smudge your house with sage then go to a sweat lodge with him and pray for bad things to go away overnight or a day I know these things because I'm native and this happened to cousin because she messed with a Ouija board and we smudged her house and prayed for her(sometimes the Bible way doesn't work) try it and it works when you believe it and if you want it to go away this is the way of the Sioux or natives.

  • Pastel_ Boo

    Pastel_ Boo

     21 days ago

    You should name them Blue & Max or Loo & Blue lol

  • Pastel_ Boo

    Pastel_ Boo

     21 days ago

    The music scares me

  • Reese Rainey

    Reese Rainey

     22 days ago

    Bella has depression because that’s what happened to my dog when her Brother passed away

  • Reese Rainey

    Reese Rainey

     22 days ago

    Poor Bella

  • Bethzaida Benitez

    Bethzaida Benitez

     1 months ago


  • Chance Thompson

    Chance Thompson

     1 months ago

    i would say rocket for one

  • JD ENT

    JD ENT

     1 months ago

    Ouija boards barely kills people, Micheal,

  • EmmaCRB1989


     2 months ago

    Bella's cute

  • Emily Paige

    Emily Paige

     2 months ago

    I've watched you when I i was so depressed. You and AGP never failed to make me laugh. We all still miss angry grandpa! Stay stong! You can get through anything. Your real fans still believe in you! Always!

  • JoeJoemac 9

    JoeJoemac 9

     2 months ago


  • Jessieca Toney

    Jessieca Toney

     2 months ago

    yes dog do have depression you can give her a Rolaids for her stomach, and i hope she get's better!!

  • Ark Gaming

    Ark Gaming

     2 months ago

    Bridget blames micheal for everything leave her fr already



     2 months ago

    Name one yoda

  • Josephine Xoxo

    Josephine Xoxo

     2 months ago

    Is Michael drinking alcohol?

  • Adrian Gaming

    Adrian Gaming

     2 months ago

    It's Boolla



     3 months ago

    u was supposed to wait 3 months before bring a new dog into the home or the other dogs will go through deep depression dats y im wait to make sure my other dogs is ok because i lost a dog too