Gordon Shows Customers DISGUSTING KITCHEN | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 6, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/6KAEfOcdBd4


  • BloonH8TR

     1 years ago

    Quick tip for those dining out. Go into the bathroom and take a look around. If it isn't maintained well, then the kitchen most likely won't be either

  • Eric Hähnel

     2 days ago

    @Dannyaesthetic this doesnt Work everywhere... This Tip is bullshit at all...Im working in kitchens since over 30 years beeing headchef since around 10.My staff knew they will loses their Free days If they didnt Clean The kitchen good at The end of The day.Holding IT Clean in Service time should be normal For every Chef...While in The meantime Customer bathrooms are Not Part of my Problem they belong to Service so i didnt really Check them, only If our Chef of service isnt at Work. Otherwhise ...

  • Heaven Lance

     12 days ago

    Not always true, when I worked at a couple of restaurants we kept the kitchen spotless cleaning up messes right away and trying to take peoples orders in a good fast manor. We are meant to clean the bathrooms once an hour but during a rush that time gets pushed around a bit as between food/paying customer and bathroom the customer is our priority. Obviously if someone comes up and claims an absolute nightmare has occurred in the bathroom one of us would be sent to clean it ASAP but overall the bathroom...

  • OrphanCrippler

     1 years ago

    0:00 Hacking a terminal in fallout

  • Sillion X

     12 days ago

    Best comment

  • Escipion Anderson

     27 days ago


  • BigBrotherMateyka

     1 years ago

    Gordon: "When's the last time you looked in this fridge?" Lisa: "Uh...I never really examined...it..." Given how old the _computers_ are, the kitchen probably has a mutant biohazard evolving.

  • Muudercai

     12 days ago

    Fallout begins

  • The Spartan-Sangheili

     12 days ago

    If I see Turtles in ninja masks, I'm out!

  • TheProfessional

     1 years ago

    They should hire Nino to clean . He's good at it he even takes pictures .

  • Poppa Piltch

     1 months ago

    Everyone calm down and be rational; RISEUPgamer never been to a party, clearly.

  • GrimDeath 8

     2 months ago

    TheProfessional wtf are you doing here man i thought you were fighting griefers

  • Albomoney

     1 years ago

    LMFAO hes so savage he got the customers to check up the back room IM DEAD

  • Halloween931

     2 months ago

    Word, That Was Brutal lol

  • Funkdoctor

     3 months ago

    This lady really pissed him off, yeah :D

  • iihxneybəə

     11 months ago

    You know when you're in trouble when gorden says *"Can I have you for 2 seconds?"*

  • Ragam Dewata

     14 days ago

    NobodyJust 2 Sec

  • Crystals Cartoonz

     3 months ago


  • TheLegend1800

     7 months ago

    Normally when I see a really old computer I worry about the potential hacking or data leaks it could cause, but that thing's so old it's probably the most secure system I've ever seen.

  • TheDboy76

     12 days ago

    It was built before Hacking was invented!

  • James Nowell

     27 days ago

    Probably 25 science required at best

  • vonick1

     1 years ago

    once the camera is turned on eveyone is a food critic

  • hdtvcamera1

     13 days ago

    @Elvick clearly you understand. Reality TV isn't really reality.

  • Elvick

     13 days ago

    TheMaroth the producers tell them to go extreme with how they feel. If it’s not good act like it’s the worst ever, if it’s okay then act like it’s the best ever (reopening). Not that complicated. It’s not “the cameras”, it’s what they’re told to do for tv.

  • Dalton Gray

     10 months ago

    0:04 you require expert level to hack this terminal

  • 25K subscriber challenge

     4 months ago


  • O K A Y B Y E

     8 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay can touch all those disgusting things like rotten foods, mold, dirt, cockroaches etc. While I can't even handle touching a random wet patch or a stain

  • norandomnumbers

     3 days ago

    It's because he's seen and handled so much of the shit that he's become numb. Be happy you haven't.

  • Taran Darkalisia

     16 days ago

    He even insert his finger into moulded tomato just to insult them, but he took out one cockroach from within.