CNN Reporter Whines About Nobody Liking Him

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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  • Mark Dice

    Mark Dice

     4 months ago +607

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  • SuZi Q

    SuZi Q


    Hi Mark. .I'm SO excited..i Just purchased 1 of your AWESOME t-shirt for my brother for Christmas!!! He's gonna LOVE IT! Keep doin wat ya do Mark..You have ALL of the DEPLORABLES in MY FAMILY behind you!! MERRY CHRISTMAS & WE wish you Peace, Love & Blessings in the New Year!βœŒπŸ’œπŸ™

  • VACie Chan

    VACie Chan


    Cnn is fake news you just put your bias far left spin on your "news"

  • joshfine samplevids

    joshfine samplevids


    The graduates of the joseph gobuels Nazionationl socialist Democrat workers party
    School of propaganda actually believe that people will vote to cancel the Constitution and bill of rights because people who only have sex while dressed in a furry anamal
    Costumes tell them to..
    Hiel hitleryyy. ...

  • fliegeroh


     2 days ago

    "Anybody can act Presidential" - Hussein Obama did it for 8 years.

  • Randy Green

    Randy Green

     2 days ago

    He's got that shit Right...nobody does like the disrespectful little cockroach.

  • darin Muir

    darin Muir

     2 days ago +1

    Loved the picture off bug eyes.. she in the kitchen with her crayons and colouring book thinking off more lies to tell the youth CNN REALLY DO SUCK

  • Ian Mangham

    Ian Mangham

     2 days ago

    Poor little jimmy

  • Jim


     3 days ago

    omg..that one killed me

  • 955rocket


     4 days ago

    Hey hey ho ho CNN is on the floor.

  • t hath

    t hath

     4 days ago

    True cnn sucks.

  • cruzan mongoose

    cruzan mongoose

     6 days ago

    Now that's funny

  • Inoky Alika

    Inoky Alika

     6 days ago

    I love Trump XD

  • Masaomi Takahashi.γƒžγ‚΅γ‚ͺγƒŸ ι«˜ζ©‹γ€‚γ²γγ“γ‚‚γ‚Šγ€‚

    Masaomi Takahashi.マサオミ 高橋。ひきこもり。

     6 days ago

    it’s not true that nobody likes him! It’s just Everybody ABHOR HIM!!!

  • Heaven Sent

    Heaven Sent

     6 days ago

    President Trump "acting" presidential was hilarious. I hope Alec Baldwin was watching.



     6 days ago

    I love CNN ,you have to understand it,when those guys are saying No it means Yes.
    When they say war it means peace, when they say Bad it means good............
    It's very simple guys.
    Just think the opposite of what they saying and everything is clear.

  • Alejandro Hermida

    Alejandro Hermida

     6 days ago

    True reporting...true Journalism...would cover a report or news in its entirety...not the apparent bad...not the apparent good...but not do so is not's telling the situation that best fits your convictions...agenda...vendetta...and injustice to the masses that are bisected from this incomplete...deceitful is used for manipulation...not wholesome...complete account.

  • Bradley Rocket

    Bradley Rocket

     7 days ago

    Wow you must really love yourself don't you? You're a prick, get a real job instead of tearing others down. Tearing people down isn't a talent, do something that requires a talent if you have one. Take up an instrument or voice, painting or any other type of art or creating or writing or something. Not the creative type? How about drive for Lyft or Uber, be a teacher. Read to disabled people, do some volunteer work with the needy and the sick. Be an advocate for people who are bullied and don't have a voice, the list goes on and on. This right here isn't positive it's negative. You get what you put out into the universe and right now you're putting negativity out into the environment. Just because not everyone likes Trump doesn't give you the right to tear other people down and this is coming from a nontrue liberal, not the ones of today but the real liberals so yeah, knock it off. Why don't you try and find something positive to do with your time, try doing something that'll actually change the world and inspire people and bring hope and encouragement and positivity. Maybe you might even meet some nice guy or gal and fall in love and get laid and you won't be so miserable. Stop the hate.

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson

     7 days ago

    Trust me Acosta, they don't hate you nearly as much as most really are an arrogant, petty, entitled leftist snowflake posing as a journalist, and you are in fact the enemy of the people.

  • Dean Hudson

    Dean Hudson

     7 days ago

    "Nobody likes me" ....duh! You're not even a smart idiot.