Trisha: My Thoughts

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.


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  • ufallyg8r


     4 hours ago

    Love your makeup sis! So beautiful! Those eyes!!!!

  • Caroline Johnson

    Caroline Johnson

     7 hours ago

    She is bs you

  • Jeannette Meola

    Jeannette Meola

     10 hours ago

    Either Trisha played you for a fool or you’re totally fine with her making a mockery of trans and non binary people.

  • Nikki AN

    Nikki AN

     12 hours ago

    We all have highs and lows
    Stop playing the victim and being always offended that shows insecurity
    Trisha is a mental patient
    Just ignore move on
    People joke about stuff everyday

  • Lee Francis

    Lee Francis

     23 hours ago

    Trisha is the troll queen

  • AmandaC



    So question:
    Gigi didn’t get the bottom surgery... she’s in a lesbian marriage with a lesbian. How is her wife identifying as a lesbian if Gigi still has her bottom part ?
    I NEED to understand this. So don’t post hate comments... how does it make sense to identify as lesbian in their situation?

    As for Trisha... how the hell does she identify as her birth gender 💯 AND as male 💯? When you’re transgender, I thought you identify only as the opposite sex you were born? 🤔
    Am I ignorant?

    Gigi.... please help us understand here...
    Thanks love

  • Kendra Rose

    Kendra Rose


    Not interested... you being manipulated yoh...

  • Pamela Corona

    Pamela Corona


    I just love u sweet!!!! Well said !

  • Sarah S

    Sarah S

     yesterday +2

    Trish’s act trivializes trans people. Not cool.

  • MikeComplexion



    "You never know what's real"...
    ...said Gigi

  • Crystal Haberman

    Crystal Haberman


    Ok so I’m up in the comments, and I’m just gonna say this. If Trisha didn’t have the following she has and has worked for none of this would be relevant. She is loving her best damn life and as long as she is NOT hurting HERSELF or OTHERS along with the world. Her identity does not matter and is no ones business but hers. Just have some respect for people and realize that all that truly matters is if someone is happy within themselves.

  • Meg sechrist

    Meg sechrist


    I love how everyone is literally saying “Trisha is or Trisha is this or that... Trisha is Trisha! It’s who she is and who the hell here thinks they know her truly. I don’t think she was trying to offend or upset anyone. It’s her story and I’ve watched her for a long time and I feel like it’s how she talks too. Leave it my lord... there’s actual problems in the world happening.

  • lil john

    lil john


    Why is she orange?

  • Floris franken

    Floris franken

     yesterday +2

    Gaga is that you?!?!???

  • Beckaboo3397



    Thank you GiGi , you’re such a beautiful sound.
    I commented in her first vid ,maybe I don’t hate , educate.💖✨✨

  • Lu Garc

    Lu Garc

     2 days ago +1

    Okay but ya'll should know that Trisha is a troll (no I'm not defending her, she's a huge hot mess)
    She's clearly bored and wants the attention and merely exists to stir the pot. It excites her

  • Charles M.D

    Charles M.D

     2 days ago +2

    Trisha the trashy troll.

  • callyod


     2 days ago +17

    Gigi, Trisha is a troll, she's trolling everybody, everyone can see it!!

  • Kyle Koala

    Kyle Koala

     2 days ago

    Unsurprisingly, this video is nearly all about Gigi and very little about Trisha & the contents of Trisha’s video...

  • SerenaAlice


     2 days ago +2

    Gigi, PLEASE don't buy her bull.