Simon Cowell talks Susan Boyle in new interview

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 30, 2009
  • Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell reflects on Susan Boyle's outstanding year from BGT conant to one of the most famous singers in the world. Follow us on twitter at Test
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  • Maribeth Spence

     10 months ago

    Just love this woman and at least once every year I find myself doing a marathon of these videos about her...only the positive ones though. She is beautiful inside and outside. She's a beautiful soul! Love you Susan!

  • Florida Man

     10 months ago

    I do the same. I won't be thinking about it for months then all of a sudden Susan Boyle comes to mind and I'll go out to YouTube and watch a bunch of Susan videos.

  • Evelyn C. Pantel

     2 years ago

    I love her beyond understanding...She was REAL. No pretension, nothing fake, no....anything that was not exactly who she was: A simply-dressed, double-chinned, heavy-set middle-aged woman with no attitude or assumption of being 'special.' I love her to this day and watch her premier appearance on Britain's Got Talent over, and over, and over and..... And don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon. Going from THAT to the extreme success Boyle became OVERNIGHT is almost terrifying to contemplate. (P...

  • Val O'Brien

     7 months ago

    That was a lovely, complimentary assessment about Susan from Simon Cowell. He's a nice sincere man underneath that feisty facade.

  • Cam H

     1 years ago

    I always have to shake my head when I hear people say she's had a makeover since Britain's Got Talent. Shore Susan has got new clothes and had her hair done when she performs, but she's kept it quite tame and she's still the lady that stepped out on the stage the first time

  • George Himes

     1 years ago

    What a gift from God

  • beverly dunlap

     11 months ago

    He is very straight forward and does not mince his words .

  • Vikki Lott

     9 months ago


  • bowler8

     6 months ago

    love Simon, he's so brutally honest

  • cristina maria kassama bag

     9 months ago

    I hope Simon doesn't let any of others judges hurt her beautiful soul. She is too sensitive . And she already collapsed because of stress many years ago. I will pray for her while she compete on AGT Champions. She doesn't need to prove anything anymore. She is phenomenal, sensational singer in the history of music. OMG I love Susan so much

  • Mariana Marsh

     5 months ago

    I like britains got talent

  • Margaret Trostel

     5 months ago

    cristina maria kassama bag *

  • Tamera Lewis

     5 years ago

    Susan Boyle saved the record industry from the tragic wrong turn it took at the birth of MTV. Before there was MTV the music industry was, for the most part, about the music. Some of you younger people might not actually know that there was a time that ass kicking music was played by people that didn't necessarily look good. Since MTV was birthed, music has been about the way the performers look. In fact, you can be an utterly crap musician and succeed in the music industry these days. That is why the ...

  • H. Bomb

     6 months ago

    You voiced what my heart couldn’t find the words to say, and for that I thank you. Susan’s music makes it easier to live in this crazy tRump-era America.

  • Val O'Brien

     7 months ago

    But she looks good today, she's lost weight and her make over has brought out the beauty and gentleness hiding behind her previously unvarnished appearance.

  • Kaynos

     6 months ago

    I can't imagine how many susan boyle there is on this world.

  • Melanie Velasco

     6 months ago

    Love her,right for day one.She has a beautiful voice and she funny.I bought her first cd and I love all the songs on it .