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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • I will always be one step ahead of you

    Tickets to the fight:
    Facebook: /KSIOlajidebt/
    Snapchat: therealksi
    Can't lose:

    Sidenote, i took down my Eurogamer vid the next morning when i watched it back and felt it went too far. You've waited months to delete your Handlebar video, just for views and because you now have a girlfriend.
    Just for you Logan :)
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  • david elias

    david elias

     3 hours ago

    But it was a draw lol

  • Bryan Almaguer

    Bryan Almaguer

     7 hours ago

    Stfu you sound like the reverse flash

  • Candan Baskale

    Candan Baskale

     12 hours ago +1

    Ksi’s eye is bleeding before the match

  • The Irish Lads

    The Irish Lads

     15 hours ago

    Was that Ben Phillips ?

  • Preston Hayes

    Preston Hayes

     18 hours ago

    Can we talk ab how he’s talking ab how girls aren’t objects then continues to say “my girl “ 😂😂

  • xclaw


     20 hours ago

    Okay well it was draw lmao

  • Mike


     21 hours ago

    KSI W in the rematch💪🏻

  • Andres Vasquez

    Andres Vasquez


    Know what everyone and thing can go to hell because we try to resolve something and it leads to more conflict.

  • Andres Vasquez

    Andres Vasquez


    KSI I have to tell you something you could go to hell see you soon

  • Blake Harmse

    Blake Harmse


    Why you cutting out the messages from me logans team to yours

  • Dragon Master

    Dragon Master


    6:14 I'm a god like Beerus!!!

  • SynX


     2 days ago

    I hope logan knock u out, you think your a god

  • Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix

     2 days ago +1

    Second time around ksi is going get the job done

  • Unlawful _x X

    Unlawful _x X

     2 days ago

    yo this video is before the first fight and ksi has the blood thingy in his eye fuck u logan

  • Lucas JHW

    Lucas JHW

     2 days ago

    Is Logan really squeaky

  • Dietrich Lyles

    Dietrich Lyles

     2 days ago

    Does anyone know what those three words meant

  • Logi 101671

    Logi 101671

     2 days ago +1

    Who is watching this after the 2nd press conference like if so

  • dhaain legend

    dhaain legend

     4 days ago

    Woah... calm down go easy



     4 days ago +3

    Who is here at ksi vs Logan Paul rematch 2

  • Jaime Mead

    Jaime Mead

     4 days ago

    The 108k people who disliked the video are virgins. Because they are little kids😆