12 Things You Eat That Are a Lie

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 26, 2016
  • In an age of mass consumption and instant gratification, the want to satisfy our every gastric desire often leaves us all oblivious to the truth surrounding the foods we eat. You might, in reality, just find yourself chewing on a mouthful of lies. Here are 12 things you eat that are a lie.
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  • not themama

    not themama

     16 hours ago

    12: Who really thinks "American cheese" is really cheese?
    11: Now days I think most people know that margarine was pretty unhealthy (at-least in large amounts).
    10: People not knowing where a food originated doesn't make it a lie.

    9: OK, this is the first one that belongs on the list.
    8: Read an ingredients list/nutrition facts for crying out loud!!!
    7: OK, this half belongs on the list, it's corporate deception, not the food itself that is a lie. There is a food that matches the description, people just make counterfeit versions.
    6: Comment on 7.
    5: OK, this one is a name for a dish and you should read a description on a menu/package. Rocky mountain oysters I think was a joke, it sounds more palatable than "deep fried animal balls" when you have to eat every part of the animal. By this standard, hotdogs are a lie...you just don't want to know what they are...
    4: No lie here, it doesn't claim to be spring water, just pure (aka filtered). Wooooh, Multnomah falls!!! (the water fall picture) from my home state.
    3: no arguments here
    2: Wow, English peasants who named a lot of these weren't botanists and biologists...wow...
    1: Selective breeding doesn't mean they are any less natural.

  • Yolie Saucedo

    Yolie Saucedo

     16 hours ago

    Spam is pink slime w plastic.

  • MusicUnderGround



    Highly recommend you change playback speeed to 0.5 and bring a 🍻 beer

  • Wilhelm Taylor

    Wilhelm Taylor


    Rocky mountain oysters are oysters the same way buffalo wings come from buffaloes.

  • Wilhelm Taylor

    Wilhelm Taylor


    5:43; "Filtrated"?

  • Who Cares

    Who Cares


    Bananas left a good taste in my mouth, natural bananas with seeds seems disgusting. I'm so glad we genetically modified them to remove the seeds. I don't want banana trees growing in my tropical stomach!

  • Special B

    Special B


    I forgot: milk....a large dose of puss and blood

  • Special B

    Special B


    Great show, carotts,and broccoli are also G M O'd

  • Peter Breis

    Peter Breis

     2 days ago



  • Max Dell

    Max Dell

     3 days ago

    Chicken tikka masala belongs to india thats because a variety of spice and herbs goes on in making that dish. And spice is not the kind of thing Scottish people may be familiar with!

  • kuljit minhas

    kuljit minhas

     3 days ago

    um lies the cover i have growing almonds in my yard

  • Mike Mckay

    Mike Mckay

     3 days ago

    What does actually "amaze" me is that since it was revealed that butter was much healthier for you than margarine there hasn't been a HUGE class action against food manufacturers, health organisations, governments and researchers who have KNOWN that margarine is literally a couple of atomic bonds in difference to polythene and IS harmful, because its unlikely they didnt realise the original study that started the lie was severely flawed and anything but "scientific" and then for decades have tried to shame, destroy or ridicule all of the people trying to make the public aware of this deceit

    So they are all to varying degrees complicit in initially pushing the lie and then trying to keep the facts covered up or ignored due to being claimed they were nonsensical claims when it was known the opposite was true

    As a result 10s of 1000s of people, perhaps even millions of them have died as a DIRECT result of eating something they were told was not just safe, but SAFER and HEALTHIER than the alternative when the exact opposite was true with some companies even going as far as to claim it REDUCED cholesterol when its a major cause of it

    This isnt far removed from one person deliberately tricking another into eating a potentially fatal poison they KNOW is dangerous, but on a MUCH MUCH larger scale and including universities, chemical labs, governments, food companies and lobbying groups all working to perpetuate the deadly deceit

  • Mona Cheney

    Mona Cheney

     3 days ago

    And what about those scallops - lovely juicy scallops, fresh from the sea? Well, yes they are, but they can also be cod cheeks, fresh from the fish. Lookalike and tasting similar, they're hard to spot.

  • kg Fairgo

    kg Fairgo

     4 days ago

    Hold up ...there is actual cheese called american cheese..it's real cheese and not cheese process

  • 黑狮子


     4 days ago

    i remember getting sick as a teenager eating pringles so i never touched again!
    last time was 1997 when i was 17 now i’m 38 and stopped eating and drinking soda and other processed garbage!

    live life good but cut out what can kill you!

  • max odgaard

    max odgaard

     4 days ago

    pure waste of time.....

  • Herman Wooster

    Herman Wooster

     4 days ago

    Ever notice the cheese you get on your fast food burgers is awesome and that melted Kraft Singles just isn't the same? That's because Kraft Singles is a poor, mass-produced imitation. Look for real American cheese in your grocery store. You'll love it on your food at home.

  • Seven


     4 days ago

    MargaReen? It's margarin you idiot

  • Annie NoneOfYourBeesWax

    Annie NoneOfYourBeesWax

     4 days ago

    Kraft American cheese is nasty anyway.

  • Julia Naylor

    Julia Naylor

     5 days ago

    Tikka Masala and Balti were invented by the Asian restaurants of the UK, probably by requests from customer.
    We had a scandal in the UK when Coca Cola did the same thing as Pepsi did in the US with our tap water, which we pay to have supplied to us.