The Enigma TNG - Sentimental Child

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • Artist: The Enigma TNGAlbum: Parallel UniverseTrack: Sentimental ChildBuy/stream on:Spotify: Play: edited by: Dysphobia© Music & album cover created by The Enigma TNGFollow The Enigma TNG: to the "World of Madness" album, Parallel Universe is a dark and heavy, hybrid style album that consists mainly of Metalstep and Industrial Metal. It's haunting and chaotic with a touch of outer space and beyond.
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  • alex brauher

    alex brauher

     a years ago +18

    I found your music about a year ago and love it. Speaks to the soul

  • PRună


     a years ago +28

    #TheEnigmaTNG i listen to your music for about 3 years now and all i can say, if you ever quit doing such good music i aint forgive you, ill even follow you in hell :3

  • Jekyll


     a years ago +15

    this does not have enough views! Its only been an hour, I know.

  • DeyvisonNRC Ricardo

    DeyvisonNRC Ricardo

     a years ago +7

    Escutar esta música me faz fantasiar e sonhar as mais diversas insanidades .bom trabalho Tng.

  • Eddie Beck

    Eddie Beck

     8 months ago +3

    Will The Enigma TNG return one day??? Who knows.. the universe waits and trembles

  • Overwatch POTGs

    Overwatch POTGs

     a years ago +5

    One of my new favorites from you,wonderful song!

  • Kathy Prior 42

    Kathy Prior 42

     a years ago +7

    What a beautiful song! I love the theme of this album. I'll say that this one is one of my favorites along with God Complex and Parallel Universe and...oh I can't choose.

  • Blk Shredder-X

    Blk Shredder-X

     a years ago +1

    It hits home in so many areas all u can do is say " yes " 😎

  • suzana ramos

    suzana ramos

     a years ago +2

    Gorgeous, Good job tng keep it up

  • DarKLySon Rap Nacional!

    DarKLySon Rap Nacional!

     a years ago +3

    Sucesso no canal Satisfação que tudo de certo 🔊📽🗿🛰📺📺📹⏳🔮📰📰🔔🔔🕭🍁🕭📡📡🖲👽👽🍀🍀🕊🌎🇧🇷🔌

  • ルシファー Visceral Carnage TM

    ルシファー Visceral Carnage TM

     a years ago

    I love the progression of this track! <3

  • Semih kevin

    Semih kevin

     a years ago +16

    I'm a lucid dream addict .. And some songs are beautiful.. 😴😴

  • Julien Jmmanuel

    Julien Jmmanuel

     a years ago

    Enigma you always make the best shit :')

  • suzana ramos

    suzana ramos

     a years ago +1

    This song make me feel Alive and dreaming ☪️😊 Thx so much for this amazing song 👍

  • Phèdre Ergastule

    Phèdre Ergastule

     a years ago +10

    Powerful !

  • polifocks


     a years ago +2

    Awesome as always! Any chance you are going to create more on your Saiyan Engima channel? Would love to hear your take on Caulifla :)

  • Lady_OreoXD _

    Lady_OreoXD _

     a years ago

    This is officially one of my best favorite song I've ever heard from you. It's so beautiful and wildly euphoric to my ears.

  • Speedy10


     a years ago

    this artist makes me shiver not only with remixes but also with the music composed by him

  • Shal


     a years ago +3

    Love it as always

  • Hardcorepro-Cycloid


     a years ago +1

    Magika + one night = One of your best