Julian Newman vs Mikey Williams In BIGGEST Overtime Challenge! Can Zaire Wade Pull Off The UPSET!?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 4, 2019
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    WOWWWW the biggest OVERTIME CHALLENGE EVER. We had 13 of the top players in NYC for the Overtime Takeover so we decided to warm them up with a OT CHALLENGE.

    Jalen Green was a little banged up so he helped OT Larry host it. We had studs like Mikey Williams, Zaire Wade, Kyree Walker, Julian Newman and so many more tryna battle for the #1 spot.

    Started this challenge off with some DODGEBALL. Then we went into Tug of War before we started hooping. It came down to who was the best 1-1 player out here.


    A lotta trash talk and guys going at it, just like the it SHOULD BE. This was by far our biggest OT Challenge ever and I think it's pretty dope.

    Do you guys like when a bunch of people are in the OT Challenge at once? Drop a comment below
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/6sPAv2ONFXA


  • Marlone Pegan

    Marlone Pegan


    Where is bronny?

  • Citlali V

    Citlali V


    Julian be lookin so small compared to all the rest of them

  • YT-Upcoming Reese

    YT-Upcoming Reese

     2 days ago

    We're was sheriff copper at

  • lachy docky

    lachy docky

     7 days ago

    they should of made zaire post up and aidan shot outside shots that would of been fair

  • YungDavidzzz YT

    YungDavidzzz YT

     14 days ago

    I wanted to see kyree vs Mikey

  • Kenny Jose 0

    Kenny Jose 0

     14 days ago

    Newman s not gonna make nba fa sure

  • Jade_ Flixs

    Jade_ Flixs

     21 days ago

    The first team are killers

  • Wxlf NZ

    Wxlf NZ

     21 days ago

    Julian Newman won't be able to fit the clothes

  • nick griffith

    nick griffith

     21 days ago

    julian is one of the best players in the country in the 6 th grade division



     21 days ago

    0:31 seconds in i got kyree winning... He can do almost everything

  • BigBallerJ


     a months ago

    They should’ve put Bronny instead of Julian.

  • Me LLAMO Casho

    Me LLAMO Casho

     a months ago

    They should have put Noah Farrakhan,Zion Harmon,Bronny James

  • NE415


     a months ago

    I like how they are all dark or light skin

  • R9H kdubb

    R9H kdubb

     a months ago

    Info about Mikey Williams:
    He can dunk
    He is 14
    He got crazy hair
    He sounds like a 40 year old

  • SkitControl Club

    SkitControl Club

     a months ago


  • Ince Velasco

    Ince Velasco

     a months ago

    Green is bored in dodge ball

  • Deandre Brathwaite

    Deandre Brathwaite

     a months ago


  • Joshua Rhodes

    Joshua Rhodes

     a months ago

    It’s crazy how the last 2 were super hero’s and that it was marvel vs D.C.

  • Sam Richardson

    Sam Richardson

     a months ago

    ngl jalen suggs carried in dodgeball

  • TyTy24 Woodward

    TyTy24 Woodward

     a months ago

    Wheres Melo at