YouTubers React To Girl Who Lives In A Van - Van Life (Jennelle Eliana)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
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  • FBE


     7 days ago +841

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  • Djack55


     7 days ago +835

    Until Molly reminded me that she was blind I didn’t realize that she cannot see the screen 😂😂😂

  • I’m going Solo lo lo lo lo lo

    I’m going Solo lo lo lo lo lo

     7 days ago +386

    No hate, but I just smell so much jealousy in this video😂

  • Cameron McLaughlin

    Cameron McLaughlin

     7 days ago +291

    Is it just me or are the 2 guys from smosh were being jerks

  • Zaf Helene

    Zaf Helene

     7 days ago +264

    Why can’t other youtubers be supportive of each other? So much negativity😫

  • Fenix1o


     7 days ago +155

    Huh. Has no one heard of living in a van before this?

  • 1stfeburary


     7 days ago +175

    These yters were so fuckingn pressed💀 she’s cute, has a great personality and a cute pet she got lucky and got famous, just bc other people are doing other things, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve her subscribers

  • Amanda


     7 days ago +185

    smosh dudes were hella jealous lmao

  • kholoud ashraf

    kholoud ashraf

     yesterday +61

    @1:06 he's the only one who asked that 'cause he's the only black person there he knows the struggle

  • BushidoBrownSama


     7 days ago +212

    Joanna Ceddia: get 1mil subscribers in less than 6 months
    Jenelle Eliana: Hold my outdoor bath water

  • Luaxon


     7 days ago +554

    I'm feeling bad for Jenelle. I can sense the saltiness from some of the YouTubers because of her success. 😮

  • Katha Waud

    Katha Waud

     21 hours ago +54

    0:54 molly, how could u possibly watch the video? Hahah i love her❤️

  • hocus pocus .

    hocus pocus .

     yesterday +77

    Everyone else: OMG IK HER!
    Sam and Colby: ......

  • Andrea M.

    Andrea M.

     21 hours ago +51

    I love that this was on my recommendations just because Colby Brock is on here

  • Galactic Donuts

    Galactic Donuts

     yesterday +50

    Im a simple person, I see Colby Brock, and I cliccc.

  • Chey Station

    Chey Station

     7 days ago +390

    Jesus christ why is Ian so salty lol

  • Neveen Seklawi

    Neveen Seklawi

     7 days ago +76

    For everyone saying “but mollys blind” she can of course hear it and she can still see lights.

  • CurlsOfDbrave


     7 days ago +172

    Tbh..I smell some biterness from some if the youtubers lol

  • Jessie Salmons

    Jessie Salmons

     2 days ago +50

    wait, could molly see ? i thought she was blind (no hate) jw

  • Sonya Mohn

    Sonya Mohn

     6 days ago +132

    Am I the only one who clicked cause Colby was on the front