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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 13, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/6yO-LICC2RA


  • Megan Stessman

    Megan Stessman


    OMG the picture of Keith and Olivia's heads on people doing squats was taken in the place I workout!!???!?!?!???!?!?!

  • Doggyfroggy2001


     2 days ago

    The high pitched like laugh or wheeze at 18:27 had me wheezing

  • Jeremiah goff

    Jeremiah goff

     3 days ago

    I love this a lot

  • GachaBanana Life

    GachaBanana Life

     7 days ago

    Yo, I love matpat but this was way better
    Also shayne’s weird cool character has to be try no to laugh

  • Jon Doe

    Jon Doe

     21 days ago

    No ones questioning Courtney wanting to chain up children

  • Julian Sedor

    Julian Sedor

     21 days ago

    Yummy Sexy T-Rexy

  • Any thang 123

    Any thang 123

     21 days ago

    Keith reminds me of Kevin Hart

  • VanishedSpartan


     a months ago +1

    "So why do you have a scalpel?" Missed opportunity to say "Because I used to be a school nurse.:

  • Sorret •

    Sorret •

     a months ago


  • Molly5369


     a months ago +1

    5:26 umm today is 9/11 for me

  • SacredYinZekrom


     a months ago

    The best thing for having an associates degree but bei g just plain stupid was to have said that he got the degree despite being stupid because he’s psychic and saw all the test auestions beforehand smh.

  • DerpyGamer0013


     a months ago

    Raging Alcoholic, Hoarder...ARE YOU SURE YOU STUDY BUDDHISM?!

  • human beans ahhh

    human beans ahhh

     a months ago

    Olivia: stops at red light don't look at my butt

  • Jennifer Cassidy

    Jennifer Cassidy

     a months ago +1

    Shaynes so f***ing funny

  • Th3D3miG04t


     2 months ago

    Shayne was basically the only reason this was funny

  • stanMYman øwø

    stanMYman øwø

     2 months ago

    Noah is just crying-

  • Sunshine856 Blue72

    Sunshine856 Blue72

     2 months ago

    Shane could have started rapping when he got the heavy flow card

  • Aries Szabo

    Aries Szabo

     2 months ago +1

    Courtney said she knew when the Apocolypse was gonna happen... 2019 Smosh summer games

  • Aaron D. Rodriguez

    Aaron D. Rodriguez

     2 months ago +3

    You know why Shayne has a claw? Cause he has Crabs...

  • Abigail Pollard

    Abigail Pollard

     2 months ago

    Shayne’s Barbra thing slowly started turning into Pewdiepie’s weird Swedish accent