Building a Bushcraft Shelter WITHOUT TOOLS and Sleeping in it

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 28, 2019
  • I head out into the woods with my dog Monty to build a shelter without using any tools and only using materials found on the ground. We finally start to hear the sounds of spring as we cook up delicious food over a campfire!

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    Camping Gear that I Use
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    Bushcraft Tools
    Knife: Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 -
    Saw: Agawa Canyon Boreal21 -
    Axe: Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe -
    Firesteel: Exotac Firerod -
    Shovel: Poly Pro Tools Tuffy -

    Sleep Gear
    Sleeping Bag: Military Surplus Extreme Cold Bag -
    Sleeping Pad: Thermarest NeoAir Trekker -
    Winter Sleeping Pad: Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm -
    Pillow: Nemo Fillo -
    Sleeping Bag Liner: Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme -

    Tent: Eureka Midori 3 -
    Square Tarp: Aquaquest Guide Tarp -
    Large Tarp: Kelty Noah’s Tarp -

    Camp Comforts
    Chair: Helinox One Chair -
    Chair Ground Sheet: Helinox Ground Sheet -

    Cooking Pan: Primus Campfire Frying Pan -
    Great Grate: Coghlans Pack Grill -
    Food Prep Knife: Opinel Filet Knife -
    Eating Utensil: Light My Fire Titanium Spork -
    Water Pot: MSR Alipine Stowaway Pot -
    Coffee Filter: MSR Mugmate -
    Stove: Trangia 28 -
    Seasoning: Montreal Steak Seasoning -

    Snowshoes: TUBBS Panoramic -
    Boots: Muckmaster Muckboots -
    Jacket: Carhartt Shoreline Jacket -
    Bibs: Carhartt Shoreline Bibs -

    Water Filtration
    Water Filter: MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter -

    Watch: Casio Pro Trek -
    Headlamp: Black Diamond Storm -
    Camera: Nikon D5500 -
    Camera Lens: 18-140mm Nikkor Lens -
    Microphone: Rode GO Mic -

    NON-Amazon Gear Links
    Dog Booties:
    Dry Bag:
    Gear Sled:

    Music by: Matthew Posa (Me you silly)
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  • Matthew Posa

    Matthew Posa

     8 months ago +320

    Hey guys! Spring is FINALLY HERE! I got to build a shelter this year before the bugs hatched and it went pretty well! I have been itching to see the ground
    for a good month and I am currently scratching that itch as hard as I can. I am packing to head back into the woods to go on an overnighter in my canoe so
    I may not get to read and respond to all of your comments until tomorrow! Sorry about that!
    This will most likely be the last shelter build of the season until fall as the bugs will most likely be hatching this week and be out in full force!
    Let me know down in the comments what you thought about this shelter!

  • Thando C

    Thando C

     4 hours ago

    what is that tool for starting fire?

  • Melon d"Eau

    Melon d"Eau

     11 hours ago

    Hi Matthew! I love your videos - I've been bingeing them everyday so far. How do you not get scared of being in the forest at night? I think seeing the darkness and trees (and owl sounds) in this video seemed a little more eerie to me than usual haha

  • 11kwright


     17 hours ago

    I love this guy and his dog. I love the way he includes his dog all the time and makes time, takes a break to play with his dog in the video all the time. This makes the video an interesting watch. No one wants to keep seeing a serious solo man with no dog or his dog is in the background all the time as it's boring unless you are a die-hard partaker in these sorts of activities. I'm going to watch all of his videos because he's just as cute as his dog with his - as American's say "goofing around". I'm so into his videos because they are interesting with the most cutest dog that reacts to him. I knew he was going to pound that green bedding on top of Monty and the way how Monty reacted was just brilliant. Monty loves his owner so as clearly he knew he was in no harm and was playing. You mean Monty you've not realised you've got a playful owner more than you!! Damn good watching.

  • Vector


     18 hours ago

    Encore une super vidéo ! Vous formez un super duo ! J’aimerais beaucoup vivre ces expériences 😍

  • DontHateOnSteaks


     18 hours ago

    Montys iq montys cuteness


  • Barbara



    That is alotttta leaves. holy moly. Am i the only one that was surprised on how well they held together?? I suppose being it rained before, they clumped.
    Makes me glad having bush palmettos in all the camps i go to!! xD
    Kudos to the epic leaf build!

  • XXX80752



    Since I saw "Deliverance", I don't go in the woods unless I'm armed to the teeth. Usually with my S and W Model 686.

  • Eat Carbs Outdoors

    Eat Carbs Outdoors


    Great shelter. Meal looked good too.
    Thanks for the video

  • Jeff Hart

    Jeff Hart

     2 days ago

    I would love to see you collab with Joe Robinet, I think ya two would get along really well and make for some great comedy lol

  • Harrison


     2 days ago

    If anyone is skipping through this 2hr video 1:04:00 is definitely a highlight.

  • Ron Yanochik

    Ron Yanochik

     3 days ago

    One gust of wind..

  • im jsmooth

    im jsmooth

     3 days ago

    That echo is getting to me

  • marie brasic

    marie brasic

     3 days ago

    Moths navagate using the moon and stars, it crazy stuff! If the moon and stars are not visible they use geomagnetic signals. Very interesting though. Usually that's why they are attracted to light! Oh and, Wallmart has the best jerky treats its vitalife natural rewards and theres no salt added! Its duck beef or chicken jerky for doggo! My labrador lives for them! 😍🐶🐶💕 I love jerky on my trips too but dont want to share! Hehe, so I found him his own. I couldn't handle the cute little eyeballs looking into my soul and not giving him a treat while I stuff my face!

  • Spartan 343x

    Spartan 343x

     4 days ago

    My favorite part is the camping.

  • Robert Hemingway

    Robert Hemingway

     4 days ago

    Why not just send Lassie for some help?

  • kopito thai

    kopito thai

     4 days ago

    Marty think that why his food and your food look so different.

  • Brooke Bixler

    Brooke Bixler

     5 days ago

    I absolutely love how humble he is!! He knows what he's doing, but doesn't try to claim that he's an expert or anything. I appreciate the fact that in every video he says that he's not perfect and could be doing something wrong. His humility, excitement, and love for his dog make him so relatable! I'm truly grateful I've found this channel!! #weloveyoumonte!

  • Ben Askren's Intellect

    Ben Askren's Intellect

     6 days ago

    Listens to owls with monsters mixed in....walks out in dark and gives thumbs up lmao

  • Ben Askren's Intellect

    Ben Askren's Intellect

     6 days ago +1

    Monty sensed the bigfoot watching u when he was barking. The bigfoot was like ay thats my hut