Hermitcraft 6: Episode 13 - HE'S BACK!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 19, 2018
  • Hermitcraft 6: Episode 13 - Jack Skelebone is BACK! We had fun getting him and made a little wager. More hermitcraft minecraft fun and progress!Featured hermits: https://www.youtube.com/user/GoodTime...https://www.youtube.com/user/cubfan135#minecraft #hermitcraftYou might want to stay to the end of this one... for a surprise
  • Source: https://youtu.be/77cVpuSJZ1E


  • Stephen Hightower

     10 months ago

    Grian, you should remove the mustaches from the pixel art sculptures and post a sign saying, "You're next".

  • Isla Richell

     3 hours ago

    And he should build a razor

  • Eytan Levine


    Haha lol

  • Miller Krohn

     1 months ago


  • The K

     4 days ago

    And plus the tools and armor too! : ( )

  • JewishTurtle99

     9 days ago


  • Kaiaix

     7 months ago

    Grian's new album "*AFK*"1. Mumbo's AFK2. Jevin's AFK3. Mumbo's AFK REMIX4. Jevin's AFK REMIX

  • BeaBea the Arctic Fox


    I would buy it

  • Lord Of The Toads

     12 days ago


  • beep beep

     2 months ago

    If Grian had a flower pot, then Mumbo has a hamster ball.

  • s09shelden games&plays

     8 days ago

    LOL agree

  • AwKwArD ChIcKeN

     10 days ago

    fair enough

  • Nicholas C.

     10 months ago

    21:20 Here, ladies and gentlemen, we see a wild Grian stalking its prey; a wild Mumbo Jumbo. This Mumbo Jumbo has no idea, at the moment, that it is indeed being watched by a predator.This episode of The Mini Documentaries about the wild Grian and the wild Mumbo Jumbo was a few hours late due to some technical difficulties. I, your host, the producer, the writer, the commentator, etc. had some technical difficulties while making this episode of T.M.D.-G&MJ (The Mini Documentaries about Grian & Mu...

  • NobodyLikesYouAnd Nobody

     8 days ago

    This is pure gold I would rate this documentary series with 5 stars

  • Sanjay

     1 months ago

    Here's another documentary:Also, if you look closely, you can see the 4 flavors of scar. There is the Aqua, the Phantom, the Regular, and the Aqua Phantom. The Scar has this unique ability to transform between flavors, to enable it to stalk its prey. The Aqua is the Aqua Scar, the Phantom is a mysterious Scar. There are also the Regular, which is the normal Scar, and the Aqua Phantom, which remains unknown. There is also 2 more flavors, according to the the Scar's MNA, and this Wild Scar's power is ...

  • Kcaj12345 minecraft and more

     10 months ago

    Grian: This is the dullest thing I've ever done in MinecraftMumbo:This is really calming

  • RobloxplayerwondersLife last name


    @Ice Bear What e.p is it?

  • Awesome Ninja

     14 days ago

    My dad uses that skin

  • Cooper Brown

     10 months ago

    15:45 "A player does not want anyone to sleep""Xisuma went to bed. Sweet Dreams"

  • Sanjay

     1 months ago

    What Xisuma was the player that didn't want anyone to sleep?

  • Cjake

     1 months ago

    *"I'd say sleep. If someone is actually wanting to not sleep. Send a message in chat"**CUTS**"MumboJumbo went to bed. Sweet dreams"*

  • Rumbo Jumbo

     10 months ago

    X bought Napoleon Bone Apart!You get the Skeleton horse head!! ❤️💪

  • Waffleman 47

     5 days ago

    666th like!

  • Elwyn Mollart

     1 months ago

    Rumbo Jumbo or Mumbo Jumbo

  • Black Froggy

     10 months ago

    *Some weeks ago*“Beacons are useless and suck”*Some weeks later*Builds a beacon..

  • Bruce Martinez

     5 months ago

    Wow that literally true for everyone

  • go and stream now shoo shoo

     5 months ago

    I thought you said bacon

  • mint frost

     10 months ago

    Evil lair ✔An evil pet ✔A weird nick name(the "wither king") ✔A mischievous genius ✔An evil plan to steal mumbo's mustache ✔Ladies & gentlemen we are watching the birth of a super villain😁

  • Lord Of The Toads

     12 days ago

    xD You Took That Song And Turned It Into A Joke

  • Unicorn AnimatesMe

     15 days ago

    Elyneo17 wait Grian is a slytherin?