Why the shutdown over Trump’s border wall could break records | With Chris Cillizza

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • As the partial shutdown drags into week three, President Trump and congressional Democrats dig in as each side refuses to budge over the battle to fund a border wall.SOURCES AND FURTHER READING: Donald Trump's speech will make the shutdown worse https://cnn.it/2SFW2gcThe government shutdown is tied for third longest on record – with no end in sight https://bit.ly/2AwmgKW Shutdown’s impact shows signs of growing https://bit.ly/2QxuesC Trump says he is considering using emergency powers to build wall https://cnn.it/2VF2JBcCongress didn’t even pretend to try to reopen the governmenthttps://bit.ly/2H1PXsXThe majority of Americans are against Trump on the wall and the shutdown https://cnn.it/2LXrC6BNetworks set to air Trump's prime time address; Pelosi, Schumer demand equal time https://cnn.it/2LVtA7qAbout me:I was named "best dressed" in 7th grade. That, along with being CNN's editor at large and author of the daily "Point" newsletter are my proudest achievements. Look for me here every Tuesday and Thursday to find out what’s really going down in politics. CREDITSWriter: Chris CillizzaThe Point team: Brenna Williams, Leigh MunsilEditor: Steven SevillaProducer: Maya DangerfieldFollow Chris onInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/cillizzac/Twitter: https://twitter.com/cillizzacnnFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.cillizza/Subscribe to The Point newsletter: https://www.cnn.com/thepoint#Wall #CNN #Cillizza #News
  • Source: https://youtu.be/7G3tGlVw47w


  • CNN


     7 months ago +26

    Hi! Chris here--- As the partial government shutdown continues with no end in sight, which side is more likely to cave?

  • Stay Hungry

    Stay Hungry

     7 months ago +81

    The "Debate" over the wall will cost more than the wall itself

  • Alacart


     7 months ago +15

    Get him out of office!! Time has come

  • Jesse Torres

    Jesse Torres

     7 months ago +102

    This government shutdown is like Trump's wives and businesses; once he is gets bad publicity from it or it's too old for him, he wants out and find someone else to blame for the problem he created.

  • lexas


     7 months ago +9

    Trump is just waiting to own the record for the longest govt shutdown, then he will cave and declare victory.

  • 3lement2010


     7 months ago +92

    Gee, cant wait for all my taxes to be used on building a useless wall instead of going into education. Yipee..

  • Rachel C

    Rachel C

     7 months ago +7

    Trump will be proud of his shutdown like you have never seen before.

  • J M

    J M

     7 months ago +3

    I sure hope the White House and Congress don't wait until "today" (DEC. 8, 2019) to broker a deal! I don't want to be on furlough for an entire year!
    Looks like @CNN forgot to proofread their graphics and texts before publishing this video.

  • googlesucks you

    googlesucks you

     7 months ago +27

    Pence and trump think people are guilty of terrorism until proven innocent!

  • Northstar98


     7 months ago +2

    I really like the kid friendly touch they did on this video. Gotta brainwash them young lol

  • IronBahamut


     7 months ago +4

    Hopefully his bodyguards are unpaid and getting itchy trigger fingers

  • John Miranda

    John Miranda

     7 months ago +4

    Chris, methinks you are missing the point completely. If nothing else, every day the “big” government is shut down: 1) the government is literally smaller, 2) focus on the Mueller investigation (representing the enemy “Deep State” rule of law) is redirected and the rule of law is diminished, 3) fewer entitlements are disbursed and 4) as chaos expands, the need for a “strong-man,” aka, dictator grows.
    Why would the white supremicists ever allow the “big government” to resume operations?
    This wall is THE far, far, far right symbol of us vs them, that which separates white people from people of color.
    It’s not rocket science, just ignorance, and bigotry.
    The Democrats will cave because they are nowhere near as cold hearted and selfish as the Republicans.

  • abhinay oja

    abhinay oja

     7 months ago +7

    Do sane people go to fox news youtube channel and comment there too or is its just trump fans

  • Dave Schultz

    Dave Schultz

     7 months ago +2

    After the Presidents speech they will blame Congress..ha ha..

  • C A

    C A

     7 months ago +1

    Today Dec 8 2019? Damm this year went by quickly.

  • Trombonology Erstwhile

    Trombonology Erstwhile

     7 months ago +13

    I have the longest shutdowns/"strikes," believe me.

  • The Prodigal

    The Prodigal

     7 months ago +1

    He lied about Mexico paying for it, and he had full control of congress since he got elected. Let him deal with the mess he made.

  • O. B.

    O. B.

     7 months ago +2

    Good news for Dimwit Donnie - he likes breaking records.

  • Charlie_Alpha_Whiskey


     7 months ago +4

    Sorry. Weak video.

  • SaintJoeBro


     7 months ago +1

    Rich politicians holding your livelihood hostage over some BS. Makes you not want to work for the government.