Why the shutdown over Trump’s border wall could break records | With Chris Cillizza

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • As the partial shutdown drags into week three, President Trump and congressional Democrats dig in as each side refuses to budge over the battle to fund a border wall.


    Donald Trump's speech will make the shutdown worse

    The government shutdown is tied for third longest on record – with no end in sight https://bit.ly/2AwmgKW

    Shutdown’s impact shows signs of growing https://bit.ly/2QxuesC

    Trump says he is considering using emergency powers to build wall https://cnn.it/2VF2JBc

    Congress didn’t even pretend to try to reopen the government

    The majority of Americans are against Trump on the wall and the shutdown https://cnn.it/2LXrC6B

    Networks set to air Trump's prime time address; Pelosi, Schumer demand equal time https://cnn.it/2LVtA7q

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  • CNN


     13 days ago +27

    Hi! Chris here--- As the partial government shutdown continues with no end in sight, which side is more likely to cave?

  • FilmBOY919 Studios

    FilmBOY919 Studios


    All your news is on trump, if it’s all based on trump
    U r fake new

  • Tony Montenegro

    Tony Montenegro


    Children children, your all doing so very well. Please continue to focus on Trump's petty 5-20 billion wall request. Let's not think about the TRILLIONS that went missing during 9/11, oh and let's not think about the 21TRILLION missing from the defense budget!!!!!! Your all doing so well. Thank you for your undevided attention.

  • Bernard Redinger

    Bernard Redinger

     3 days ago

    Obama pulls 90000 troops from Iraq. CNN: YEA WHAT A HERO.
    RESIDENT TRUMP pulls 2000 troops from Syria. CNN: IT'S ARMAGEDDON.

  • Master Jedi

    Master Jedi

     3 days ago

    Trump is a pathetic spoiled brat, that wants his way and is not getting it. So now he's pouting. GROW UP ALREADY.

  • E  Killian Harrelson

    E Killian Harrelson

     4 days ago

    Hi Chris. First off, I just want to say that I really enjoy these. I find them very educational in addition to entertaining. I’m sure you have lots of topics in mind, but I was wondering if you could explain the current issue with Senator McConnell in more detail. I know he is majority leader, but what isn’t clear to me is how he can just “decide” not to hear bills from the house. Does he solely have that power or is it because he also controls senate committees, etc. I think a Civics review in context and discussion about how Senate committees (and House committees for that matter) would be really helpful.

  • Pureiton Voice

    Pureiton Voice

     4 days ago

    Trump said if he cant get paid...the Americans cant get paid....lol....but the government shutdown is deeper than people think....their are doing some serious changes to their system....cause martial law is about to begin....thats why trump trying the build that wal...and its law backwards....trump is tying to keep the Americans in...cause the Mexicans is alright..they will be fine...is the Americans is who gonna try to escape to Mexico...DONT SLEEP TO LONG...SET YALL ALARM AND STAY WOKE

  • Joy Ellen

    Joy Ellen

     8 days ago


  • Dorthy Bennett

    Dorthy Bennett

     8 days ago

    Everybody that's against Trump putting up a wall build your house near the border

  • Dorthy Bennett

    Dorthy Bennett

     8 days ago

    Come on over immigrants let's just get rid of the military and let everybody in

  • CrazyYet FacenatingWorld

    CrazyYet FacenatingWorld

     8 days ago

    It's the democrat's fault fuck u cnn crooked news Network

  • Ana Palma

    Ana Palma

     8 days ago

    Just give the funding!

  • water goddess

    water goddess

     8 days ago

    Your right it is super dumb

  • Mike Fedele

    Mike Fedele

     8 days ago

    Not seeing any impact in my world. Maybe we can discuss how many federal agencies are redundant or need to be rengineered. Thinking we put on hiatus every govt agency created after say 1962

  • Oliver Phippen

    Oliver Phippen

     8 days ago

    Right now  our border is only 20/30 %  effective  will immigrants  
    the left want to keep it that way 
    Then use technology  to satisfy the republicans  /public 
    allowing the dims to run immigration is like the fox guarding the hen house 
    The wall is a foundation  and the wall will stop 70%  of the illegals 
    After that  the Republicans  can  add technology as necessary 
    What you got to be careful  about  some company comes along   and wants some advertising   and pays for a portion of the Wall ??? Monsanto /Goya / Purdue /Apple  etc ???? Be glad your not one of those people who has had a relative killed by an illegal ??
    If Chucky concedes  to the wall he keeps his job 
    If Nancy  concedes  to the wall she looses her job
    If the Don concedes  to the wall he looses his job
    If Chucky maintains  his stance he looses his job 
    If Nancy maintains her stance   she also  looses her job 
    If the DON maintain his stance he wins reelection 
    Nancys / Chucky's  job is in the balance - all or nothing 
    The DON has backed  the DIMs  into a corner  and the longer this goes on  it resonates  with the public  against the Dims ? The DON has many alternatives   while Chucky and Nancy have none , they are out of ammunition except for more created  lies with no Camera  ? The DON has backed them into a corner  and their political life  is in the  balance ??

  • darrell collier

    darrell collier

     8 days ago

    didn't Pelosi once say that being unemployed is a chance for someone to follow their dreams?

  • Shana Medley

    Shana Medley

     8 days ago +1

    To all you big time Trump Supporters look at what you have caused and I hope it's backfiring on your asses.

  • Marie HICKEY

    Marie HICKEY

     9 days ago


  • Geoffrey Kidder

    Geoffrey Kidder

     9 days ago

    Just give him his goddamn wall, Dems have plenty of illegal voters already, and illegally pushed Obamacare. Oh BTW, the CIS says the wall is feasible and will pay for itaelf more than 2 times over in the next 2 decades... so you're pretty much a moron if you dont agree with it at this point.

  • GilbertoTX


     9 days ago

    75% of government is still open...CNN isn't telling you the whole story...