Hotel Staff Have to BUY THEIR OWN NAME TAGS! | Hotel Hell

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 18, 2018
  • And the owner forgets about his age, then lies about the fresh fish!
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  • Ruben Hernandez

    Ruben Hernandez

     12 hours ago

    He should of kept running.

  • Xavier Alonzo trejo

    Xavier Alonzo trejo

     13 hours ago

    Owner looks like an older version of vitalyzdtv

  • Mike Beringer

    Mike Beringer

     15 hours ago

    How you not have fish?! It says "Fresh Fish Daily" on the menu.

  • Mr G

    Mr G

     2 days ago

    this guy looks like Tom Segura rofl

  • Corbo


     2 days ago

    This dude really is a good guy. He even ran off when Gordon asked for a beach towel.

  • ThaRainmaker


     3 days ago

    Holy shyt this guys only 33?! 👨🏼‍🦳

  • NasH The Gamer

    NasH The Gamer

     3 days ago

    It didn't shock me that he only had 1 beach towel, must been exhausting running that fast each time someone asks for one

  • United20 02

    United20 02

     3 days ago

    He’s face after he said sick bags 😂😂😂

  • Hazel Wiccan

    Hazel Wiccan

     4 days ago

    I worked as a waitron in a burger joint and had to buy 2 summer shirts, 1 winter shirt, an apron and a money bag for work. The whole uniform was subtracted from my first paycheck and it was very expensive - about a third of my pay for the month. The shirts were white and very tight-fitting (I'm female and this place only hired slender, female students to get more customers) and summers here can get up to 50°C, so I ended up having to buy more shirts because mine were stained from sweating.

  • Thomas Buchovecky

    Thomas Buchovecky

     4 days ago

    That guy is 34?? Damn he's the same age as me but looks about a decade my elder!

  • Dio Brando

    Dio Brando

     4 days ago

    I worked at the mcdonalds amd had to buy my own name tag and clothes too lol

  • sophia watkins

    sophia watkins

     5 days ago

    After Gordon left, Brian missed the deadline for paying his brother back but his advice started to sink in.

    Four months afterwards Brian sacked Ben and employed new kitchen staff.

    They have implemented a curfew for the live entertainment and he is focusing on the paying guests.

    They have made further improvements including installing new kitchenettes, a new menu, new patio furniture ;and the garden has been landscaped.

    There is also a new gift shop selling Navy Seal merchandise.

    Trip Advisor reviews are mixed and there are still complaints about late night noise from the bar.

    Yelp reviews are also very negative.

  • Jakob Anderson

    Jakob Anderson

     5 days ago

    What idiot serves Ramsay frozen fish...

  • JustYourAverageUser


     5 days ago

    3:23 when ur dad grabs the belt.

  • Starry Skies

    Starry Skies

     6 days ago

    I feel like If the worst you have to say about mac and cheese is that it uses a different type of noodle, it’s probably not worth critiquing.

  • Naomi Salazar

    Naomi Salazar

     6 days ago

    the owner looks like a dopey brendan fraser lol

  • Patrick Gulane

    Patrick Gulane

     7 days ago

    Gordon: How many is your stock?

  • Tyquez Smith

    Tyquez Smith

     7 days ago

    I work there now lmao

  • Flamalam


     7 days ago

    My last job we had to pay £16 for a apron to wear to work under the guise it was a deposit and we’d get it back, I worked there a year and of course it gets some wear and tear and they told me I’m not getting my money back, ridiculous making staff pay to come to work

  • Just a Regular Nurd

    Just a Regular Nurd

     7 days ago

    When bro started running for a towel I lost it