This Needs To Stop

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 15, 2017
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    I am mrbeast and known for making worst intros on youtube. In this video I show people running down the street screaming my name.
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  • MrBeast


     1 years ago +3844

    Anyone notice Asian Sticker eating bread in the background the whole video?

  • Cole Brown

    Cole Brown

     13 hours ago

    Here’s mine5398 this isn’t real 👍

  • 2Pixelated



    3:56 did anyone hear masterbate instead?

  • Jaf IO Tutorials

    Jaf IO Tutorials


    Ur famus

  • SmokeyFusion


     2 days ago

    3:40 is he saying masterbate?

  • Eitan Pasmanick

    Eitan Pasmanick

     3 days ago

    Who saw the bread on the sticker's moth getting eaten every scene?

  • mt gaming

    mt gaming

     5 days ago


  • Vi A

    Vi A

     7 days ago


  • Ninja


     10 days ago


  • nav kaile

    nav kaile

     13 days ago

    When his content was good

  • Gabriel MacRae

    Gabriel MacRae

     13 days ago +1

    he didn't finish eating the bread

  • Gabriel MacRae

    Gabriel MacRae

     13 days ago

    3:57 MrBaste

  • Jana


     13 days ago

    4:20, how convenient.

  • Henry Kies

    Henry Kies

     14 days ago

    I noticed!! Lol. I only came down to comment to ask if anyone saw the Asian sticker eat bread.

  • Savage Gamer

    Savage Gamer

     15 days ago

    I shouldn’t and I wouldn’t. Oh dem rhymes

  • lazy_ bummer

    lazy_ bummer

     16 days ago

    The outro tho 😂🤟🏻

  • gg Nintendo gamer Jacob

    gg Nintendo gamer Jacob

     16 days ago

    Chris was risking his life

  • Pixell Starr

    Pixell Starr

     16 days ago

    Mr. BASTE

  • Goldtalon


     18 days ago +1

    Can you please come back to this

  • Oboplayz


     19 days ago

    Asian sticker was eating dem bread on the beginning