Rich and Jay Talk About The Boys

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Rich and Jay sit down to give their general thoughts on the Amazon series The Boys, a superhero story for people that are sick of superheroes.
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  • A Dog

    A Dog


    If you think that The Boys was trying to do the same thing as Man of Steel with Superman/superheroes in general, than you missed the point of either project, and likely both. Man of Steel was about the media hating Superman even though he was a good guy.

    The Boys is about the media promoting superheroes even though they are bad people.

    You even said that The Boys is really corporations. Man of Steel is not about corporations in the slightest. On the surface, the two projects share similarities, but they don't share similarities at the creative heart of either.

  • Chicken Speed

    Chicken Speed


    this is if superheroes were in our shitty world 🤣

  • Freek




  • azchris1979


     3 days ago

    No mention of using a baby as a laser-gun like in The Incredibles? I couldn't believe it. So great.

  • TatianaT


     4 days ago

    Didn't the way to kill Translucent was sort of a nod to the way the Internet wanted Ant Man to kill Thanos?

  • Lag Swag

    Lag Swag

     7 days ago

    Cucked by fucked up. What a horrible "wife" felt soooooo bad for Butcher. Great acting from litterally everyone involved 10/10

  • Drew F

    Drew F

     7 days ago

    Karl Urban using that laser-baby as a gun was a highlight, also. I love how he then tenderly puts the baby back in its crib and says "keep your nose clean, or i'm coming for you." Anthony Starr is pretty riveting as Homelander. Really great performance. I also love how sincere and believable the relationships all are. Starlight and Hughie, Frenchie and the X-23 type girl, heck even A-Train and Popclaw. They all have very believable relationships.

  • lucas accardo

    lucas accardo

     7 days ago

    one of the best shows out there, the best about super heroes - way better than Watchmen so far and with probably half the budget , if not less.

  • G. William Cowart

    G. William Cowart

     14 days ago

    Preacher is fantastic

  • OnlyHalfGay kinda

    OnlyHalfGay kinda

     14 days ago +1

    “The boys talk about the boys”

  • Steven Loving

    Steven Loving

     14 days ago

    You can just feel the pure contempt they don’t have for each other. It’s so obvious that Jay can stand being around Rich and vice versa.

  • AnomalyINC


     14 days ago

    "Garth Ennis" is all I needed to hear. I predict this show contains gratuitous swearing, child abuse, violence in general and various forms of implied or explicit sodomy, and quite a few tips of the ol' fedora. And every single person in it is a complete tool.

    I am intrigued.

  • BazookaHorse


     14 days ago

    There is some legit horrific shit they put in Preacher I am amazed they put on TV.

  • Ben Ruppel

    Ben Ruppel

     21 days ago

    Im not a comic fan, but i found the source material to be utter trash.

  • Yasser Salim

    Yasser Salim

     21 days ago

    Homelander is terrifying.

  • Rowdee Munkee

    Rowdee Munkee

     21 days ago +1

    Its my favourite show that i cant reccomend to anyone lol

  • Jivy


     21 days ago

    The pretty much eats shit from the get go. His friends with benefits dolphin goes splat while he was trying to rescue it. Mr lobsters gets the knife, he pretty much gets finger fucked in the gills against his will. Everyone in the 7thinks he’s a joke, he gets kicked out of the 7 and sent to a mid west town where there is only a small shallow lake. Had a mental breakdown and shaved his head and on top of all that he is noticeably scared shitless of starlight. He knows he can’t take her in a 1v1 . By the end of the season, despite knowing what a piece of shit he is I started to kinda feel sorry for him.

  • Lildoc911


     21 days ago

    Are you kidding me? Blac Noir has the perfect comedic timing. The scene with him bogart'ing the pianist, and to go on playing classical music? Perfection. Or the scene where Homelander gives him kudos for doing a good job while he's on the verge of ripping the entire room to shreds. Everyone is in fear, and Black Noir is just there all calm and stoic. Hilarious.

  • Jon Smith

    Jon Smith

     21 days ago

    The show a lot better then the comic. Since the heroes are still aholes but flesh out

  • nustar1


     28 days ago

    I’ve got those slip on shoes. Love them. Thank you to our real corporate overlords Walmart.