The Auction Corvette Goes For BIG POWER! Please Don't Blow Up...

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 15, 2019
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  • KYG

     5 months ago

    James is one of the best things thats happened to this channel !

  • SRLP Photography

     5 months ago

    @D.O.A. Haha!

  • D.O.A.

     5 months ago

    @SRLP Photography hehe. I left my mullet in the '80's where it belonged. Besides, by now I'd have a "skullet". James could do it, though.

  • Feltsboy21 ky

     5 months ago

    After this one blows, it's time for that 6.0.

  • 94XJ

     5 months ago

    It just makes sense. Same bore and stroke as her original LS2 but also junkyard truck engine. It's perfect.

  • Sergio Quevedo

     5 months ago

    The internet- you cant go fast witha junkyard engine.Cletus-hold my mtn dew!!

  • bigtipvtec

     3 months ago

    Cleetus can’t more than twice lmfao

  • Savage Vq

     5 months ago

    People been doing this for years... Especially with Ford's

  • Levi Hutchison

     5 months ago

    2:38 "We got oil pressure"New drinking game, everytime Cleetus says "we got oil pressure" you have to chug a Bartle Skeet

  • Francesca Mccullough

     5 months ago

    😘😘😘 *WAN6T ME? LO0OK, I MASTB*ATE NAK3ED,снеск3 VID9еО.* 🔽

  • Fasterproms

     5 months ago

    That was impressive!! Take it easy on that there boost “controller”!! Good build and looking forward to some competition!FASTERPROMS is the channel.

  • Daniel Gilbert

     5 months ago

    Shameless plug lol

  • Brandon Key

     5 months ago

    Ruby needs those confirmed kill stickers like WWII planes had after they shot down a plane, but with LS engine stickers!

  • 1_ Zaddy_1

     5 months ago

    That’s a good idea 💡

  • Tempyst JAF

     5 months ago


  • Chase Larson

     5 months ago

    Today I realized that I failed as a car enthusiast, when my exhaust cracked on my car and a riced out civic pulled up next to me in the parking lot and asked what exhaust set up I have.

  • smotpoker15

     4 months ago

    Hole in the flow ,

  • JayrseyshoreGardner

     5 months ago

    Should have told him you have the Cletus spacial.. always broken..

  • Gabriel Maia

     5 months ago

    Stop by auto-zone and ask them to do the engine light test on ruby hahaha

  • Ben vs Golf

     5 months ago

    Low key the 4.8 sounds better than the 5.3

  • John Doe

     5 months ago

    Raspy yes. Higher rpms do that. Big blocks give your balls a massage!

  • crazyman8472

     5 months ago

    4:35 “If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape.” 😎

  • Maze 275

     5 months ago

    If you can't fix it with a hammer get a bigger one, sort of on the same page lol

  • Patti Yuiska

     5 months ago

    If you can't Duck it....Fuck it!