Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume - Ten Minute Power Hour

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 29, 2018
  • We put on clothes for that scary day! Is it scary? (Please say yes...)What should we do next? Let us know!Click to Subscribe ► by Tucker ►► updates on what's new and coming soon?Our email list! ► Grumps are:Egoraptor ► ► Grumps on social:Facebook ► ► from Stevia Sphere ►
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  • Nathaniel Marshall

     8 months ago


  • Smelly Toe

     1 months ago

    God dammit filler...

  • Juan Diego

     8 months ago

    Dan went directly for the animal heads, Dan is a Furry.

  • Foxzo

     22 hours ago

    @Chish except that Arin himself said that being a furry is enjoying anthropomorphic art and Danny said that if that's the case then he can be considered a furry. Deny it as much as you want, if even Danny can't convince you then no one can.

  • Chish

     23 hours ago

    @Foxzo if Dan is a furry just because he likes the art, that would make you a furry for having pfp of a fox and a username that sounds like a furry name.Your argument is invalid. Dan has stated before that he isn't a furry, stop trying to push it onto him and everyone else that he is.Except it, you are wrong.

  • Isis Robledo

     7 months ago

    They did surgery on a dan

  • Étienne-senpai

     26 days ago

    Reading this comment made my smile disappear

  • Rivee TV

     4 months ago

    I'm grapes more like I'm gay

  • Ianadaya

     5 months ago

    0:34 in the background, you can see Ross working on his masterpiece

  • Skidaddle Skidoodle

     1 months ago

    Ianadaya lol you can also see him at 1:08 in the background

  • Riverclan101

     8 months ago

    *IM G R A P E S*

  • Rivee TV

     24 days ago

    IM GAY


     3 months ago

    *what am i?*

  • Busy Izzy

     8 months ago

    “im gonna be big tiddy goth girlfriend for real dawg” is a sentence i didnt know i wanted arin to say until now

  • The Jalster Gaming

     3 days ago

    Dude there were fake tits there as well, would've been great if they noticed them.

  • The last thot slayer

     2 months ago

    Me and my friend make that joke all the time

  • Kimiko 4200

     8 months ago

    "Come here to rent the grapes costume knowing it's been on my moist body." Silly Dan only real Grumpy Gamers know you don't sweat and most certainly have not made that costume moist.

  • Bipolar Harlequin

     2 months ago

    Don't forget, he saw Arin dressed as a sexy strawberry. Those grapes may be moist indeedXD

  • Erin Kelley

     8 months ago

    I like that they're giving Ross love when he needs it

  • Isabel Rosas

     1 months ago

    8:29Remember, he's 40.That makes it even more hilarious.

  • Ciel1820

     8 months ago

    6:37 Arin as mother-duck is *actually* the most terrifying thing i've seen all October...

  • Rivee TV

     24 days ago