Ashley DRAGS Pressley Out Of Rehearsal | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 7

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 9, 2019
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    Here is a clip from Season 8 Episode 7. Hope you enjoy!
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  • Lillian G

    Lillian G

     4 hours ago


  • Noah Wedgwood

    Noah Wedgwood

     6 hours ago +1

    Has Abby looked at her self ? Poor Presley she’s fine but Abby is a fat idiot

  • Layla’s World

    Layla’s World

     17 hours ago

    That is mean

  • Chilly Savage

    Chilly Savage

     21 hours ago


  • Sienna Parsons

    Sienna Parsons


    Did anyone else see the paper on GiaNia’s mum back saying broadway b*#%$

  • Milania Douglas

    Milania Douglas

     3 days ago


  • sunflower love

    sunflower love

     3 days ago

    I will

  • Monique Tagliaferrro

    Monique Tagliaferrro

     4 days ago

    Was anyone just focusing on the broadway bitch sign on gianinas mums back ( idk her name haha)

  • HoneyBee 13

    HoneyBee 13

     4 days ago +2

    Like yea Presley is ugly asf
    But you can’t fix what god gave you Abby I mean she should know best!🤣

  • Maddie ?

    Maddie ?

     4 days ago +3

    She's not criticising her body, but her flexibility. In order to do the steps correctly, she needs to have a lot of flexibility so it looks perfect and straight, but her knee looks like it's bent so she needs to improv her flexibility by taking ballet classes. It is all a misunderstanding because Abby does not choose the right words to explain things

  • Jessica Morris

    Jessica Morris

     4 days ago

    Who else noticed Gianina's moms shirt had a piece of paper on the back that said Brodway Bitch

  • Today is Yay

    Today is Yay

     5 days ago

    Ooh~ I love Abby's weave!

  • Bubbles 123

    Bubbles 123

     5 days ago +2

    3:35 “broadway bi*ch”

  • Jimmie Fields

    Jimmie Fields

     5 days ago

    I think Presley said she must drive six hours to dance class each day of dance at the ALDC. if that's true. You know Presley means it when she goes away crying and says that she wants to stay. Poor Pressley Hubach. I love her so much for that.

  • Cameron Gibson

    Cameron Gibson

     6 days ago

    You know you want to know what’s funny is that she treats Michelle like she’s always making excuses and getting judged and bullied but then when it’s her child when Abby is helping you you want to complain when it’s not even a big deal

  • Taylor Briggs

    Taylor Briggs

     6 days ago +1

    I think Abby is just correcting her tho not saying she has a terrible body..

  • Janet Mpelekwa

    Janet Mpelekwa

     6 days ago

    Is everyone gonna ignore the paper on Joanne's back

  • chris taylor

    chris taylor

     7 days ago

    Are we all gonna ignore Broadway bitch on Joanne's back

  • Amelie Moores

    Amelie Moores

     7 days ago +2

    Who do u think are the better dancers
    Comment for the OGs
    Like for the new s8

  • Hannah Lawhorn

    Hannah Lawhorn

     7 days ago

    This was the first time we figure out that Pressley acts like the biggest brat