Joe Rogan | The Influence of El Chapo w/Ed Calderon

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1302 w/Ed Calderon:
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  • Ramen Noodles

     28 days ago

    "We're gonna kill everyone in your family, even your dog"*John Wick has joined the chat*

  • Smeesh Mugga

     10 days ago

    El mencho said that on the phone call with the chief of police

  • The LastGlassBender

     17 days ago

    @The Rap Vault Didn't think this would actually become a debate. Considering we're talking about a fictional character. So I'll insert Avengers to come fk up your Sicario. Game Over

  • Robert Castillo

     29 days ago

    "El chapo should try DMT" -- Joe Rogan

  • Russ Bilderback

     2 days ago

    @Jose Villegas it's been completely pathetic for ages now. People that still use it are cool like yuppies with face tats.

  • Gx2 2xG

     24 days ago

    @Sandra Charles show Bobs & vagene?

  • Gregory

     28 days ago

    American drug users making Mexico Great Again

  • Jamison Montgomery

     2 days ago

    Gregory your country sucks balls & your government is super corrupted & your military is fucking trash

  • Leader of Bears

     4 days ago

    Alex chavez you do realize every country is in debt to another right? And it’s not just white people who live in the us

  • IAmVenom

     29 days ago

    Joe *"El Chapo Has Amazing Technique, Have You Seen His Footwork?"* Rogan

  • dry_water 92

     27 days ago

    He has incredible cardio lmaooooo

  • Shola Abe

     29 days ago

    Joe rogan should interview el chapos wife

  • Group 935

     8 days ago

    @R x True

  • Bobby Crush

     12 days ago

    Fuck her in the wrong un.

  • Maximus Orion

     28 days ago

    Joe"Cinco de Mayo Cerveza "Rogan

  • Jay Middleton

     28 days ago

    El Chapo vs El Guapo. Make it happen, Dana.

  • hey it me

     19 days ago



     23 days ago

    @SSPspaz we will rape the horses and ride off on their women

  • TrueSake

     28 days ago

    Joe needs to go to the source. Get an interview with El Chapo himself.

  • Johnny10gunz

     29 days ago

    They make the American Italian mafia look like the club scouts

  • louis Raskin

     2 days ago

    @Gragas Scrub not really

  • Alex chavez

     2 days ago

    Gragas Scrub we know this man 😂🤦‍♂️💀🙄.

  • Juan Vargas

     27 days ago

    "Does el Chapo have a crossbow?" -Joe Rogan