Shadowbringers Job Actions LIVE REACTION | FFXIV Media Tour

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
  • This was recorded on my phone at the Shadowbringers media tour, so that's why the audio is like this. Please go check out everyone involved, they're all amazing creators! (expand the description box to see them all)
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  • Larryzaur


     4 months ago +316

    Make sure you guys check out the other creators linked in the description! This was from the media tour, which is currently under embargo, but I got permission to post this for now. Look forward to all of our coverage on the 29th at 6am PDT! :)
    (also I was holding my phone so that's why my dumb voice is louder)

  • CPai


     7 days ago

    3 months later, and this trailer still makes me unbelievably happy for many reasons from the many job fixes to so many jobs (practically all of them) getting amazing and pretty cool changes :)

  • Muhammad Ridwan Bin Jamaluddin

    Muhammad Ridwan Bin Jamaluddin

     21 days ago

    How do I contact square Enix for the account issues ? Bought the game but can’t play it :(
    Send helpppp

  • Miki Rude

    Miki Rude

     a months ago

    can you give me tips to not get bored at this game?
    because i try this game couple days n already get boredom shit because its very slow combat damn maybe because i use to play blade n soul n black desert

  • Acvexe X

    Acvexe X

     a months ago

    Summoner,Machinist: We can summon creations now.
    Dark Knight: Ay Fray come handle my light
    Fray: I GOTCHU HOMIE gets summon

  • Kovács Benjamin

    Kovács Benjamin

     a months ago +2

    "I have no idea what's happening but I like it"

    Basically my first 40h in ff14.

  • Chasind


     2 months ago

    So refreshing and amazing to see people exited for a game/expansion!

  • Alexander Espiritu

    Alexander Espiritu

     2 months ago

    Originally, I picked up for one reason: Gun
    Now, since SHB came out, people want it for a badass mech.
    Glad I leveled it.

  • Amierul Aiziq

    Amierul Aiziq

     2 months ago

    After seeing this.. I want to play all classes now. Its beautifulll.

  • Eric


     2 months ago

    What is the name of the music?

  • Alfian Nur R

    Alfian Nur R

     2 months ago

    12:47 "I have no idea what's happening, but I like it"

    Pretty much sums up my reaction everytime I watched your videos about FFXIV even though I've never played mmorpg before

  • Thanatos


     3 months ago

    13:09 - insta orgasm button

  • Ash Lock

    Ash Lock

     3 months ago

    How do I cut the sky open like that as a dark knight...

  • Nowhere Gaming

    Nowhere Gaming

     3 months ago

    Monk can break dance now

  • Rodeen


     3 months ago

    when the enemy doesnt react, all those flashy animations feel wasted

  • Daan Roelofs

    Daan Roelofs

     3 months ago

    now im just here to relive hype and know that this is game is live now

  • Izxyis


     3 months ago +1

    Fray is the true hero.

  • Einzuwasu


     3 months ago

    I loved this vid, ty for the upload!

  • Rotciv Vihc

    Rotciv Vihc

     3 months ago

    are these all new abilities or are the old abilities getting new animations/effects too?

  • Sleepy Maribo

    Sleepy Maribo

     3 months ago

    i still to this day cant figure out what the song is called when it switches to Warrior.