It Chapter 2: Pennywise’s Origin Explained

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 14, 2019
  • It: Chapter 2 gave us some interesting clues about Pennywise's origins! Subscribe to our channel:

    With the recent arrival of It Chapter 2 in theatres, fans everywhere seem to have even more questions about the origins of the notorious Pennywise The Dancing Clown! While some of us prefer to think of monstrous clown creatures as little as possible, others have delved deep in order to uncover the fascinating backstory of one of our most frightening villains. If you belong to that second camp, we’ve done some serious digging and have come up with some answers about the origin of Pennywise that might just have you running to the movies, or in the opposite direction.
    For starters, It has actually been hanging around Earth causing mayhem for upwards of thousands of years, even millions! We know that It came to Earth from another universe and landed in what would later become the town of Derry, Maine. There, he first encountered the First Nations Shokopiwa peoples, and it is believed that it is with them that his habit of eating children for a year and then chillaxing for twenty seven began to form. We know that they tried to defeat him but failed, and then moved to the outskirts of Derry to get away from his evil behaviour. But why does It seem to have to stick to Derry if he is so powerful? Well some believe that he and the town are actually tied together on a much deeper level, that It’s wellbeing is dependant on that of the town. Check out these amazing theories and more incredible backstory of Pennywise in the video below, and we hope you have fun watching!

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  • Lollk_ queen

    Lollk_ queen

     seconds ago


    6ix9ine: "I know where Pennywise came from"

  • Justmakingvideos JMV

    Justmakingvideos JMV

     6 hours ago +1

    The first pennywise wasn't scary

  • Jazon GD

    Jazon GD

     9 hours ago

    Lets play tag
    ill be "it"

    Get "it"

  • CrispyToast23


     9 hours ago

    You have to read the Book to understand it

  • Lemon Drop

    Lemon Drop

     17 hours ago

    Just to say something funny....... I once called Michael Myers “Fred Meyers!” 😂😂😂😂

  • Lemon Drop

    Lemon Drop

     17 hours ago

    I thought he was a demon who could turn into any form but liked the clown form the most...

  • Antoine Simon

    Antoine Simon

     19 hours ago

    Did billy write the script or why is the ending so bad?

  • Lizbeth Muñoz

    Lizbeth Muñoz

     21 hours ago

    What if in it chapter 1 pennywise left but came back 27 years later and that's why the kids are older?😱

  • Hadiff_Official


     22 hours ago

    How to kill Pennywise...

    Find all the Infinity Stones and use it to snap him...

  • Terrellible.TV


     22 hours ago

    I like how he didn't explain anything wtf

  • Phillip Young

    Phillip Young

     22 hours ago

    Read the book nubs

  • MrsAnchors OwO

    MrsAnchors OwO


    whaT doO yoU meaN pennywISE isn'T reaL??? hhHhHhHhhhHh

  • Asia Cooper

    Asia Cooper


    O my God

  • Cfj



    Penny wise feed on your greatest fear
    Finds diamonds and sees pennywise take form of lava

  • ExroShan



    The losers club has the shinning

  • AZamm a

    AZamm a

     2 days ago +1

    Everyone calm down you’ve all got it wrong
    IT Chapter 2 which was set in 2016 and we all know what was in 2016

    Killer Clowns, someone was just pretending to be Pennywise and was killing people and the dead lights were just some toys, their you go I solved it Pennywise actually died in the 1s IT

  • Scruffy Bans

    Scruffy Bans

     2 days ago +5

    Not a breathing thing:

    Penny wise with the dog filter:

  • HyPer MeRo

    HyPer MeRo

     2 days ago

    This clown has a big ass forehead

  • Fluffy Fat Flying Catz

    Fluffy Fat Flying Catz

     2 days ago +2

    OMG I didn't know my cat played as Pennywise!

  • Daniela Ortega

    Daniela Ortega

     2 days ago

    0:01 - 0:05 looks like he was getting it 😤🤭