How Much Heat Can It Take?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 2, 2019
  • In this video we're taking three different heat resistant gloves and putting them to the test! Which gloves will hold up the best?

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  • Chris Joseph

    Chris Joseph

     6 hours ago

    I can’t watch this without screaming at Nate to pull your hand away

  • Plunger plebs And stuff

    Plunger plebs And stuff

     8 hours ago

    Don’t put your hand on fire...


  • Logan King

    Logan King

     9 hours ago

    “Oh it’s on fire...”😂

  • GD Hyperspace1

    GD Hyperspace1

     9 hours ago


    “Oh It’s On Fire!”

  • fishing from the Carolina's fftc

    fishing from the Carolina's fftc

     12 hours ago

    5:50 5:51

  • Olivia Lynch

    Olivia Lynch

     14 hours ago

    Can 2000 peps burn from a hat nife

  • TheUltimateCastMaster101


     15 hours ago

    How strong is a knife proof jacket?

  • G.S.O ByAsba

    G.S.O ByAsba

     16 hours ago

    When ur bored at home

  • Freddy Mufema

    Freddy Mufema

     18 hours ago

    2 seconds

  • klodi kryeziu

    klodi kryeziu

     20 hours ago


  • christ baghdoyan

    christ baghdoyan

     23 hours ago

    Why was there a flashing crown I don’t know

  • tmm josh dude

    tmm josh dude


    Put nitrogen into a furnace

  • SZN igoldy

    SZN igoldy

     yesterday +1

    Excuse me srry im like 10 months late but wat is the song in the background

  • Theron Kulick

    Theron Kulick


    Perfect. I was really worried about accidentally sticking my hand in a furnace

  • Aries Thapa

    Aries Thapa


    3:07 Roblox killing sound

  • Caleb Campbell

    Caleb Campbell


    You should but with dry ice

  • It’sGalexmeh


     yesterday +2

    Someone: hey what shows do you watch?

    Someone els : I watch people burn there hands..

  • Anonymous



    “1, 2,....and its on fire”
    YoU dOnT sAy.

  • TRY



    How much is 1000 f to c?

  • Nathaniel Budhu

    Nathaniel Budhu


    Tkor is dead 😟😟😟😟😟😟 I want you guys to upload another video