Predators Engineers & Aliens - COMPLETE Timeline

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 25, 2018
  • The complete timeline of Predators Engineers and Aliens.

    There are major plotholes if we are trying to connect predator and alien canon such as David creating xenomorphs and Weyland being alive AVP so I’ll briefly mention how these plotholes can be resolved and for the detailed explanation check out my previous video Did the engineers creat the predators. So given the fact, all 3 species exist in the same universe, here is the complete timeline of everything that happened so far on the screen.

    3.2 Billion years An extraterrestrial race the Engineers arrived on Earth and created life using a mysterious substance, which is supposedly the blood of the first deacon according to the early Prometheus script.

    2 996 BC
    The Predators, another extraterrestrial race arrives on Earth and teaches humans to build pyramids. as a result pyraminds are built all across the globe in the next centuries.
    It’s highly likely that Engineers created Predators as one of their experiments with the black goo.

    0 BC Engineers prepare to launch A ships filled with pathogen ampuls to derstoy life on Earth but the infection gets released and kills the engineers on LV223. On the top of that according to the early script, engineers decided to destroy humans because of the crusifiction of Jesus who was the last hope of humanity to stop being a violence race.

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  • Kroft talks about Movies

    Kroft talks about Movies

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    Why Predators & Terminators Are In The Same Universe

  • carl brown

    carl brown

     2 hours ago

    Thank you for the video and giving me the timeline really explained the reasons behind the greatest alien creations of our time. Very much enjoyed it!

  • Thomas England

    Thomas England

     2 hours ago

    Tbh. AVP was dope, fvck who think otherwise. I can say i didnt like how the first 2 predators die so fast but other than that it was a goood movie

  • Adam Ting

    Adam Ting

     6 hours ago

    I have a question: Why does the newborn in Alien: Resurrection look different from the others? Aren't all aliens made from humans, or was it because he was (specifically) created by a clone, not a 100% human (Ellen)?

  • Spota Smith

    Spota Smith

     14 hours ago

    First time it's all been put together for me !! Mind blowing thx

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  • NerdCuddles


     2 days ago

    "Human/Xenomorth hybrid"
    Aren't they all Hybreds since Xenomorths use host DNA?

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    Connor Turley

     2 days ago

    you forgot to mention “soldier”

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    Please make the half hour long video, please. You are the best best best. Love you Kroft. X

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    Shouldn't Dredd be in this?

  • Scalp Papilla

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     4 days ago

    Alien, Aliens and the original Predator are the best. Ignore the rest as they're shit.

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    TrapLoud jdm

     4 days ago

    Damn this Guy Connect every single movie to what it is . Genius!!!

  • Anne Coulson

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     4 days ago

    Hi, would love to see an ongoing movie ,as you described. Thank you for the time lines. Ive always been an Alien, Predador etc fan.

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    He called the large face hugger an octopus 😂

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    Hi please also include Kurt Russel's Soldier movie to times since that one is also held in same universe of Blade runner.

  • B E O W U L F

    B E O W U L F

     5 days ago

    Once you realize that Terminator is part of the same universe, then all the junky timelines sort themselves out ... you know, once you sort out all of Terminator's junky timelines ;)

    I'd like to see someone try and make that video. XD

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    Jose Contreras

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    2018;facehuggers attach themselves to republicans🙃

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    FANTASTIC job - YES 14:04

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    Marcel Mulder

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    I like how he said 1997 when the text on screen says 1987 when arnold Schwarzenegger Was fighting the Predatory