Mortal Engines - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
  • An interesting concept and world of a dystopian future where cities are mobile, and only the strong survive. Does it make for a good movie? Here's my review of MORTAL ENGINES!#MortalEngines
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  • Internite Land

     6 months ago

    "First, what I liked about the movie-"Uh-oh. He didn't like it...........

  • EveryThingGirl238

     6 months ago

    @Gundham Tanaka Buddy I GUESSED that when she looked at him at the start of the movie before she stabbed him. Then again I tend to guess this faster than anyone else can, because I've read so much and watched so much. And 'rip off Star Wars' really? *Rolls eyes*Star Wars has ripped off other things also, the 'I Am Your Father' is just a tiny detail, and people really don't give a shit. And BTW, he actually didn't say that, he just told her 'Your alot like me.' ans Hester pieced it together herself.

  • KhaanMan66

     6 months ago

    @Gundham Tanaka Oh shit I predicted when I saw the trailer. 🤣

  • MnNemz

     6 months ago

    Why don't we take Bikini Bottom and push it somewhere else?!

  • Publius Cornelius Scipio

     3 months ago

    @Jonny 5 My pleasure.

  • Jonny 5

     3 months ago

    @Publius Cornelius Scipio thank you 😂

  • WhatAHero

     6 months ago

    Sounds like this should've been an anime

  • Say Soun

     3 months ago

    No, it shouldn't as you can't get special effects like Mortal Engines in anime. It's just too bad the script wasn't better. Oh, I do enjoy me some animes but this one isn't going to be as good in anime form. Bad script and bad chemistry between the two leads was what ultimately hurt this movie. Still, I'd give it a 7 - 7.5 on pure entrainment value.

  • Juan Inchauspe

     4 months ago

    Nothing should be anime.

  • Daniel Staples

     6 months ago

    From the creators of World of Tanks, comes another smash hit Worlds on Tanks!

  • F-zero91maru

     6 months ago

    Daniel Staples looks cool how it is if you want change it to super mario word with yoshi or 1UP mushroom 🍄

  • Papa Stalin

     6 months ago

    You could tell by the cringey trailers the movie was kinda eh

  • Jayden's Lap top

     3 months ago

    Papa Stalin it had ONE good character cough cough the resurrected man cough cough

  • Cas The Demon

     6 months ago

    It looked soooo funny. I couldn't stop laughing.

  • TXS-Ballistics

     6 months ago

    And the korean cool woman who says “when i die i want my ashes dispersed in the wind” and you say “ok cool, she so gonna die and one of the last scenes will be her death wish respected. AND SHE DIES AND EVERYONE FORGETS ABOUT HER! Could you write anything more poorly than this?

  • Victoryagent

     5 months ago

    she was pretty much cannon fodder like the rest of the airpeople

  • Levent Taskan

     6 months ago

    They also slaughtered Robert Sheehan's beautiful Irish accent. I feel sad for the design, art and VFX departments of this film because clearly they showed up for work. The script room on the other hand was all tumbleweed and cicadas

  • ᖇOSS Tᕼᕮ Sᗩᑌᑕᕮ ᗷOSS

     6 months ago

    So immensely disappointed by this movie. The books were fantastic, and I waited nearly ten years for the movie... Oh well Spiderverse was good.

  • Masterof thelag

     22 days ago

    @DaghanballZ AMV Definately start with the first, for one thing the film ends differently so you'd miss some important stuff. Personally didn't like the third/fourth very much but the first two are great.

  • DaghanballZ AMV

     2 months ago

    @lordblazer I agree i just watched a couple of days ago and really liked it but i was wondering where should i start reading the books like do i need to start with the first book or can i just jump to the second book

  • David Kotlarz

     6 months ago

    Shrike's last scene was the best part of this movie that scene made it absolutely worth it for me. So heartbreaking.

  • Matthew Cool

     6 months ago

    I've seen trailer ads for this movie, more times than you could possibly think.

  • zygas25

     2 months ago

    That should have been a red flag. One of the ten tale aigns a movie is gonna suck. Over promotion

  • The AV Wiz

     4 months ago

    I saw more ads than trailers