Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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  • Kelsey


     an hour ago

    NO BODY IS SELF MADE. Even if you built a multi millionaire company from the ground up if you received any type of help it’s not self made because you’ve had help(.)

  • Z B

    Z B

     an hour ago

    "we have to reunderstand what it means to earn money" this is so important

  • nym053


     5 hours ago

    I like that, it went well :)

  • American Enigma _

    American Enigma _

     6 hours ago +1

    TALENT matters a lot too - just by hard work u won’t get anywhere —- u need to be good at what u do too ...

  • American Enigma _

    American Enigma _

     6 hours ago +1

    Anyone can become rich by hard work YEAH but depends on the “ HARD WORK “ they were doing ....... a brick layer works hard for long hours but that doesn’t make him rich , but if he put his efforts smartly into things that give profit then he can get richer ....

  • American Enigma _

    American Enigma _

     6 hours ago +1

    I have been a rich man , And i have been a poor man, And I CHOOSE RICH EVERY SINGLE TIME ......

  • Alex Quaw

    Alex Quaw

     6 hours ago

    What they really need to do is a middle ground with BILLIONAIRES and working middle class.

  • MAD


     13 hours ago

    Ay, stay rich brother

  • Marco Static

    Marco Static

     13 hours ago

    These “what ifs” are the reasons why me and you are broke,sir.

  • William Dettman

    William Dettman

     18 hours ago

    Retail front workers vs ceos

  • Priya Kapoor

    Priya Kapoor


    All of you coming here to say work smart not hard. It's not as easy.

  • Vittorio La Tour

    Vittorio La Tour


    Graham: i dont’t spend a lot
    Also him on his YouTube channel: supercars mansion and a 9 digit numer in top of every thumbnail

  • Kc Flick

    Kc Flick


    3d printers will make a society where money doent really matter

  • aSlap4You



    "Not everyone are made for success" - Dan Lok

  • A Day in the Life of

    A Day in the Life of


    The biggest lesson really is frugality, fiduciary responsibility. The reason most, not all but most minimum wage workers, or blue collar workers tend to live paycheck to paycheck, is because they don't understand finances, they don't understand how to save money. And I think it is the public government schools that have failed the last couple generations in that, as well as the parents.

  • Masoud Rahshani

    Masoud Rahshani


    Pay close attention to the mindset of the two groups. Interesting how it works eh.. hehe

  • duckh0le



    Graham Stephan is great you should check his channel out if you want to learn about investing or saving money.

  • Tyler clark

    Tyler clark


    The bald guy is so condescending and full of himself. There’s nothing wrong with making minimum wage and not worship money. However, he has no imbition to make more money and is rude to those who have money. I think jealousy is the name of the game here.

  • Peekaboo



    The bald guy is a communist. Hands down! People who take risks SHOULD be rewarded. The system also punishes risk takers if things don't work out. Why should they share their fortune from those risks if they succeed? If you want more money pal, you're in the WRONG career Mr. Environmental-Justice.

  • Isaac Drake

    Isaac Drake


    Public schooled kids vs homeschool kids?