Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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  • Josiah Canning

     2 months ago

    “i’ll die a d-cup” okay queen

  • brittany perkins


    Simone M. No one told you have to educate people on implants. You choose to do so therefore you stress yourself out.

  • Mud Boy • 13 years ago

     8 days ago

    Jessica Millen he wasn’t arrogant at all. When did he state he was any better than anyone my man just wanted to spit fax’s 🤷🏾‍♂️🤰🏾🤰🏾

  • V Silvia

     26 days ago

    Millionaire dudes: "I gave up my social life"Me: You guys are getting paid?

  • Amanda Nelson



  • Joe S

     3 days ago

    I dont get it?

  • jason liang

     29 days ago

    no one:literally no one: not a single soul:graham: *whispers* "Free Real Estate."

  • jason liang

     8 days ago

    @Chelsea Sánchez lol thanks

  • Chelsea Sánchez

     8 days ago

    jason liang i liked just because you were at 999

  • Alex C

     27 days ago

    “I’ll die a D-cup.” I SCREAMED

  • Demxnizatixn

     8 days ago

    “Poop” I SCREAMED

  • Mac Alton

     12 days ago

    Nvm just found it

  • Christopher Fernandez

     8 days ago

    This video should have been called "self made millionaires versus minimum-wage workers". There should then be a follow-up video entitled " trust fund babies versus minimum-wage workers". There is a huge difference between millionaires who began in the lower and middle class (which are actually a large portion of millionaires), and those who inherited their money. I think something that gets lost in the discussions on the left is that not all rich people are super rich. Not all r...

  • FuzzyWuzaCat

     7 hours ago

    @AmazingPiggy Are you a trust fund baby?

  • Arie Wolff

     14 hours ago

    @Kade Schneider i mean clever.

  • Rahel Reeves

     2 months ago

    Can you do climate change activists and non believer ???!

  • RSP

     47 minutes ago

    @Blackfly Canada Yes true but the bottom line is whatever the cause we need to make a sustainable future

  • ThatLuca

     6 hours ago

    @Jay Thomas If you state smth you gotta add a scource buddy. Besides its an international organisation

  • Father Z

     16 days ago

    Bald dude is a communist no doubt in my mind lmao

  • FuzzyWuzaCat

     7 hours ago

    @james woop His lazy butt works his butt off for other people and little pay. He doesn't work for himself.

  • howdy

     13 hours ago

    12:41 yuppp definitely haha

  • Jeevan Stanly

     6 days ago

    Jubilee: are u obligated to help less fortunate Mr.Beast: Am i a joke to u

  • 109367

     3 days ago

    @Marla Lol he lives just a few towns over from me, I've never seen him, though

  • Marla

     3 days ago

    Lmao I saw him in target the other day

  • Goofen

     19 days ago

    Tim honestly thinks he's superior because he's a social justice warrior

  • Lexus Fox

     5 hours ago


  • Robin

     18 hours ago


  • dfbvfgb


    The black girl with the natural hair is absolutely gorgeous.

  • MooseKnuckle

     11 hours ago

    nah she got a little too much junk in the trunk. I'm more into that light skinned latina