Our $70,000 Experiment

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Head over to https://www.yestheory.com/documentary to watch The Lost Pyramid.IT'S OUR BIGGEST PRODUCTION EVER! We've never undertaken such a massive film challenge ever in our lives before but it's truly been one of the most incredible experiences we've ever had telling a story.Ammar has had this dream since he's been 5 years old and in this documentary, you will hear how we accomplish it together... But not how he had originally intended it.We want to try a totally new way for us to release a piece of content to see if this could potentially be a way for us to tackle long-form videos that can compete with the scale of Netflix. We promise this will be worth your trust and we CAN'T FREAKING WAIT for you to see this.If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 80,000+ of our most engaged and badass community members, you can apply here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/15653...PERFECT ROYALTY FREE MUSIC FOR YOUTUBE: free 30 day trial here: http://share.epidemicsound.com/wFFbr Musicbed has amazing montage and cinematic music:http://share.mscbd.fm/YesTheoryFor an amazing b-roll and footage library, checkout: http://storyblocks.com/YesTheoryYes Theory Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/t-boogy...Exclusive challenges on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yestheory/Who are we? We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you're willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it.Business Inquiries: [email protected]://www.instagram.com/yestheory/https://twitter.com/yestheoryhttps://www.facebook.com/yestheory/Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt DajerEditors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Source: https://youtu.be/7mz4ikBUMTM


  • Aivaras Šilževičius

    Aivaras Šilževičius

     7 days ago +1679

    Yes theory I have a challenge for you. When a windows PC is being turned on and a screen where you need to enter the password comes up theres a background picture of some place in the world, I think it would be a great challenge for you to turn on a windows PC and go to the place shown on the background and go to that spot and try to take a picture youre self, if you try this challenge good luck to you.

  • Alfonso Ortiz

    Alfonso Ortiz

     7 days ago +961

    I think MrBeast might like to leave 10k for the Yes Theory crew

  • AvengerTimeGaming


     7 days ago +286

    So, mike posner. He’s an artist. Recently his dad got cancer and passed away. He got sad and him and his girlfriend broke up. To add on to it his friend avicii died as well. He decided life is too short to be sad and he wanted to make some changes. Among those changes he decided to walk across America starting March 1st. I think you guys should contact him and visit him on his year long journey. Whatever state he is in show him a good time. I’d love to see this.

  • Alberto Isaia

    Alberto Isaia

     7 days ago +1460

    I will donate $1 for every like I get in the next hour. GO
    (UPDATE): 1 hour past, $85 USD coming. This was my version of SEEK DISCOMFORT today! <3
    You guys are the best,

  • A Hooman

    A Hooman

     7 days ago +5093

    Who thinks Yes Theory should have a Netflix series?

  • TV Marci

    TV Marci

     7 days ago +297

    Mr Beast next video
    Donating 100,000$ dollars to yes theory

  • Nathaniel Eko

    Nathaniel Eko

     6 days ago +27

    I’ll donate $0.05 for 1 like!!! Yes Theory is just an inspiration!

  • Vyrkhan


     7 days ago +136

    I could only pay $1 USD, I know is not much but my current situation don't allow me to pay more. I think if everyone who watched the trailer pay at least 1 USD that would be enough to make this project a success story.
    See you guys in the movie :)

  • Leon Wo

    Leon Wo

     7 days ago +522

    First time ever i donated for a Streamer/Youtuber. You guys are worth it, im excited to watch it now :) cheers from germany, keep it up!

  • nkooutsider


     7 days ago +10648

    I will donate $0.01 for each like I get.
    Edit: $10-$15 seems a bit low so I'll double it! Can't wait to see the doc!
    Edit: I'll donate $100.

  • Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

     7 days ago +350

    Who thinks Yes Theory should have a Netflix series?

  • SpicyReich


     7 days ago +156

    What's fair: $100
    What I can give you: $1

  • Agus


     7 days ago +260

    Yes theory: what about making a proyect or something for the care of this planet?
    I mean, you guys are amazing and i think you are the ones to carry out something like that, you are influencers and you always leave a very nice and strong message behind each video.
    I say this because the care of this beautiful planet we live on is being a very important issue this years... so yeah stay strong and open-minded. 🌎 Keep the positivity 🌍
    PD: sorry for the english level, im Latino ;)

  • Gabi Katz

    Gabi Katz

     yesterday +7

    Donating 10 cents for every like in the next 10 days

  • Like my comment

    Like my comment

     7 days ago +1896

    Our $70,000 Experiment
    Mr Beast has entered the chat
    edit: thank you so much for the likes

  • Rhygon3799


     7 days ago +52

    Everyone comment on MrBeast' Channel to see their documentary!!
    Like this comment so everyone can see!

  • KeAnn Simmons

    KeAnn Simmons

     7 days ago +12

    Hey yes theory! My name is KeAnn Simmons! I hope I don’t get super annoying but I plan on messaging you everyday until I get a response if I ever do but hopefully by the time November comes I can somehow get ahold of you! So my best friend peter is huge huge fans of you guys and watching you over and over every single day! His 18th birthday is coming up in November and if I could somehow work it out with you guys, his mom sister and I want him to meet you guys on his birthday and do some fun bucket list, seeking discomfort kind of stuff for the day while we set up other surprises for him! He means the world to me and so does his happiness! He deserves everything he’s ever wanted and I know he would be so stoked to meet you guys! He has been through so much in life and just needs a break and something that will bring him so much joy. I want to make his dreams come true! I hope I can get ahold of you guys 🤞🏼

  • Noway


     7 days ago +30

    Amazing documentary! Best 5,00 $ spend on a YouTube channel so far! ❤️ to you guys!

  • Stella Galindo

    Stella Galindo

     7 days ago +20

    why did i almost just cry when watching the trailer🤣🤣

  • Marc Levy

    Marc Levy

     7 days ago +3122