This Cat’s Favorite Soldier Finally Returned Home, And The Kitty’s Reception Said It All

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
  • Nick had been away since his unit’s deployment, but faithful feline Finn was waiting for his return. As he heard noises in the hall, Finn was instantly aware of his owner’s presence. The rolling camera caught every second of the heartwarming moments that followed.

    Dogs are traditionally regarded as man’s best friend, but some cats are fighting to win that title for themselves. Despite their reputation for being aloof, felines can actually be very affectionate. However, they’re often much subtler than their tail-wagging canine counterparts.

    Occasionally a story pops up on social media that reveals just how loving cats can be. Take this footage uploaded to social media in June 2017, for example. It shone a light on just how much one animal lover’s kitty missed him while he was away.

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