Irish People Try Their First Alcoholic Drink

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • "I didn't have a mixer so I used cider!"
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    Irish People Try their very first drink....again! Not exactly for the first time. Everyone who consumes alcohol has an interesting tale about where they began. Irish People in particular have some pretty unique stories - so we decided to have several of our TRYers in to the studio, to drink their very first drink again and tell us how it happened!

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  • Leo H

    Leo H

     47 minutes ago +1

    Watched this one many times..but came back for my mc fix..she needs to be in more vids..she cracks my top five try challenge people

  • Ioana Maria

    Ioana Maria

     23 hours ago

    I had my first drink at 13....

    It was tonic gin..

  • Aaron Hill

    Aaron Hill

     3 days ago

    My first was a shot of rum at 13

  • TheUltimateGeordie


     4 days ago

    my first drink was out of my grandads massive ouzo bottle he had it attached to a spout and i couldn't turn it off so i ended up having a whole glass full and spilling some aswell, so instead of trying to get it into another bottle or just pouring it down the drain i had a full glass of ouzo... i was 9 years old, i was banned from staying at my grandads after that for almost 3 years

  • Dmirty Isakov

    Dmirty Isakov

     4 days ago

    half a can of angry orchard in a off brand red solo cup playing a weird party game. was very surprised at how tasty it was. then a can of bud lite, then a shot apple vodka chased with fanta orange, then a can of strawberita mixed with sprite in another off brand red solo cup

  • Tacita Koe

    Tacita Koe

     5 days ago

    Am I blind, or did we only get to see one person actually DRINK their drink in this video?

  • John Parisi

    John Parisi

     6 days ago

    I can't remember my first drink. And I drank beer only. Never got into hard liquor. I haven't had a drink since my second child was born and he's twenty-five. Just not interested.

  • Amy spacey Lizard

    Amy spacey Lizard

     6 days ago

    Mine was crown royal lol i was 12 i think lmfaoooo i was bad kid to say the least.

  • Peepee Poopoo

    Peepee Poopoo

     7 days ago

    And It Won’t Be There Last

  • Absynthe Death

    Absynthe Death

     7 days ago

    Ehhh, my brother gave me a bottle of Boone’s Farm apple wine, a dozen glazed doughnuts and had me watch Romero’s Day of the Dead, trying to get me sick. Finished the bottle, the doughnuts and the movie without puking.

  • bigmike888888


     7 days ago

    I read the title and instantly thought "THey are gonna get 6 year old irish kids drunk!"

  • Wailing Rachel

    Wailing Rachel

     7 days ago

    Had my first drink at 16, and my next at 28!

  • Matthew Osborne

    Matthew Osborne

     7 days ago

    My first drink was Skyë Vodka that we attempted to make into screwdrivers but none of us had made drinks before so I ended up just drinking mostly straight vodka the whole night...

  • Richard Brubaker

    Richard Brubaker

     14 days ago

    "Tell ya what, we'le give you ten bucks, and all the beer you can drink!" Playing at a University Frat house. To me, it tasted like dishwater that had already done the whole load! I still won't drink beer to this day, over 50 years later!

  • Shane O’Brien

    Shane O’Brien

     14 days ago

    Big bag of cans with lads

  • meagan dorsey

    meagan dorsey

     14 days ago

    I stole a shot from my uncle at like four because they drank anisette a lot with coffee or on its own. I didn’t know it was alcoholics just knew it smelled and tasted like candy. But I’m Sicilian and Irish every family member had a bar room for Pete sake like alcohol wasn’t adamantly forbidden it was something they watered down if you wanted to try it. Like my grandmother would give you a Dixie cup of a margarita, probably to get us to sleep, they’d give you an extra watered down hot toddy if you had a cold or cramps. But I was the only friend of mine not to lose their shit when they were legal, cuz it wasn’t anything riveting by then.

  • Eton Bachs

    Eton Bachs

     14 days ago +1

    All the Try women looking beautiful as always.

  • Catherine Jimerson

    Catherine Jimerson

     21 days ago

    My 1st drink was Champagne... still hate it. tastes salty and horrible! 1 glass and i was knocked! lmfao

  • Rune Jesken

    Rune Jesken

     28 days ago

    My first time. My two years older cousin had stolen a jug of home made 96% from our friends mother. They used to make some flat out insane shit.
    I was 12, he was 14, we were on the roof of a school (pretty small building). Had some drinks and became way too drunk. Fell off the roof, crying laughing. Went to his house. I hurled a few times and fell asleep. Good fun.

  • Zephyr616


     28 days ago

    My first drink was either babysham or Budweiser at 5 years old. Didn't get drunk til I was 18 but my parents gave me a 1/4 pint every Xmas and new years from 5... so shit I've only not drank for 4 years out of 26... also my dad gave me my first shot of tequila at 11. Ayyyyyy!!!!