So Are They Just Gonna Ruin Every Show We Used to Like?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 3, 2019

    No hate to the girl who plays Kim, it's not her fault she was so horribly miscast.

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  • sloan amburgey

    sloan amburgey

     18 days ago +27517

    We asked for Drew Gooden not Drew Goodish

  • caesar the dog

    caesar the dog

     4 hours ago +1

    oh yeah yeah

  • Adrian Dezendegui

    Adrian Dezendegui

     5 hours ago

    That fan film may be the funniest thing you ever done

  • kaylie hamilton

    kaylie hamilton

     6 hours ago

    ur fat

  • Slushdog 101

    Slushdog 101

     6 hours ago

    Some companies just wanna watch the world burn.

  • Cool Guy

    Cool Guy

     8 hours ago

    i would have preferred kp season 5 and 6 instead of this

  • Cool Guy

    Cool Guy

     8 hours ago

    i didnt watch the ttailer. this is all i need. so not watching

  • Lika Baker

    Lika Baker

     8 hours ago

    Yeah they should of left Kim possible alone 😬

  • mega dunce

    mega dunce

     9 hours ago

    thank you, drew gordon, very nice!

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

     9 hours ago

    All the Disney ones were made because in Walt Disney’s will he said to recreate them every ten years so every generation would be able to experience the joy of going out to see them in the theatre or on a tv... oh god how I wish he knew what the fuck it was gonna turn into

  • IfYouReplyToThisCommentYouFuckPigs


     10 hours ago

    Adults shouldn't care.

  • Malenitaplays


     10 hours ago

    " I've also got this brand new t-shirt that is... very colorful and dare I say it, very good[en]"

  • Deracada Venom

    Deracada Venom

     11 hours ago

    "Is that the 'road work ahead' guy??"

  • Alyssa Morris

    Alyssa Morris

     17 hours ago

    "Sorry student my hands are tied, the countdown ended. I gotta go" I GOT TO GO.-Rob Gotta Go

  • circa euronymous

    circa euronymous

     17 hours ago

    "you have red hair. I think you'd make a great Kim Possible"

  • Hollow Getsuga

    Hollow Getsuga

     18 hours ago

    The dude playing Ron looked more athletic than the chick playing Kim and he was literally just sitting.

  • Freek Buttz

    Freek Buttz

     18 hours ago

    Thanks, we missed Amanda.

  • Grace LaBrie 2

    Grace LaBrie 2

     20 hours ago

    anyone else remember when disney channel original movies were good ??

  • Gwen Stacy

    Gwen Stacy

     21 hours ago


  • Chris the Ravenclaw

    Chris the Ravenclaw

     22 hours ago

    Alice in Wonderland was a really good movie in my opinion