PlayStation 5 Release Date and GAMEPLAY Details!! - Ps5 News

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Sony has decided to step from the shadows and tell us a ton more about the crazy gameplay, new graphics, NO LOAD TIMES, and totally new controller for the PlayStation 5. They also confirmed the name is PlayStation 5!! Lets dig into the release date and leaks to see whats up in this Ps5 news update!


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  • DreamcastGuy


     1 months ago +73

    When I wake up I normally look at twitter first so I was shocked to see Ps5 trending haha. Thanks for watching and liking this HYPED video!! :P

  • More Skittles

    More Skittles

     6 days ago

    I want a dreamcast guy hat

  • Ionn Blignault

    Ionn Blignault

     14 days ago

    If this is the actual console is DOG UGLY! I'm going to have to cover it up if I buy it. Looks like something out of the 70s...horrible man

  • Faizan Khan

    Faizan Khan

     21 days ago

    Every mobile gaymer deid right here 8:07 for me

  • Tolga Kuyubasi

    Tolga Kuyubasi

     1 months ago

    Hey Dreamer, this time don´t tell the people, that the PS5 will have Nvidia tech like in your last PS5 video alright ;)

  • LR Nappa

    LR Nappa

     1 months ago +1

    14 teraflops

  • CycoMiko 73

    CycoMiko 73

     1 months ago

    " loading, prepare to be bored" that's what we used to say when Sega cd came out.

  • marty8370


     1 months ago

    Dreamcastguy - Your full of shit.Why would Sony show hardware this year. That would kill PS4 sales overnight

  • Whitey Mamasan

    Whitey Mamasan

     1 months ago

    Gay cast gay Nigga get x box

  • Barfod


     1 months ago +1

    Are they gonna make a pro? Would be a pain in the ass to buy the first one if they do ..and then you have to spend all your money once more on the pro in that case I would wait

  • Jonny Shotz

    Jonny Shotz

     1 months ago

    What the heck is 'Holiday 2020'? Does he mean Christmas this year?



     1 months ago

    Screw mobile games

  • Eric Rodden

    Eric Rodden

     1 months ago

    I thought ps5 and the pro will both come out together unless thats false news i heard... Just saying

  • I like Burger

    I like Burger

     1 months ago

    This console looks like ps4’s deformed cousin

  • N Yang

    N Yang

     1 months ago

    Hey Playstation. I'm gonna shove the controller up my ass. Please give me an appropriate haptic feedback for the best nutting experience.

  • Strabby Crabby

    Strabby Crabby

     1 months ago +1

    seeing a Dreamcast cap and a PlayStation hoodie at the same time made me feel strange

  • Strabby Crabby

    Strabby Crabby

     1 months ago +1

    well, the main question here: will it have a backwards compatibility with the PS3? I still haven't beaten even a half of my ps3 collection...

  • Joel Elliot

    Joel Elliot

     1 months ago +1

    I can't wait for the Playstation 6

  • Rob Nagy

    Rob Nagy

     1 months ago

    Just sucks about the click bait. You obviosly dont know the DATE. And why does every youtube copy off each other. You have the same line as everyone else

  • Sunny A.

    Sunny A.

     1 months ago

    How can I stop your channel coming up, really dont like it