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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 24, 2017
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  • CypherDen


     a years ago +2782

    Hey guys! Did you really expect me to make a festive video?
    Let's get spooky!! Hope you have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
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  • Alexander Pritchett

    Alexander Pritchett

     4 hours ago

    You had an out of body experience

  • Tech Demo

    Tech Demo

     16 hours ago

    The worst dream I ever had was one that I woke up tho and still cry to for some reason. Some how my brain changed every memory I had just enough to have a second life but all it was was a letter was sent and the building was etiolated I got to see the agony of each of the people I’m lucky that I’m part of 18% of people that dream out of color so I was not capable of seeing all the gore but still I was only 8 I have no idea how I was able to get that much trauma wile 8 the closest thing to that was so bad was probably Spider-Man 1 with Toby migwire.

  • fire phoenix

    fire phoenix

     yesterday +1

    I had a dream where I felt like I was being sucked into something

  • faze wolf

    faze wolf


    Her dream is like a horror movie called insidios

  • Kunst Kroken

    Kunst Kroken

     2 days ago

    i have had a out og body experience too only I didnt go away I just looked no myself and The black figure you talked about came too

  • Reima Kokko

    Reima Kokko

     3 days ago

    Sounds like astral projection to me

  • א Revaria א

    א Revaria א

     3 days ago

    I had a lucid dream once, it was about me riding a taxi with my aunt and cousin, but there were shooters chasing us in the car behind us.
    It was like a Pac-Man game, but I wasn’t controlling it, I could see the text and the other text and another random car my mom was in, it was a Pac-Man maze and my views kept switching between areal view and first person view, but eventually they all died a bloody death along with a neighbourhood dog for one reason

  • Fire Girl

    Fire Girl

     5 days ago +1


  • RogueSpartan 285

    RogueSpartan 285

     5 days ago +1

    I had a dream at the first of October at 2018, and that dream determined how one of my character's origin will be.

    This literally seems legit instead of a dream. Terrifying, PJ also encountered a ghost twice as well as Rebecca

  • Chris De Marcos

    Chris De Marcos

     5 days ago

    Your soul came out your body

  • gunsmith gaming

    gunsmith gaming

     6 days ago

    When lest then 9, I only had those dreams

  • CorgiToonz


     6 days ago

    I used to have these horrific Nightmares, where this demon called The Priest just would autokill me if i was in dark. IT WAS THE SCARIEST THING AND I GOT A USUAL 45 MINUTES OF SLEEP! LIKE WHAT?

  • North Star77407

    North Star77407

     6 days ago

    I sort of had an out of body experience... I don’t know if you would call it that or not but it was very recent and I’m still nervous about have one again. I was in choir class and I hadn’t felt well all day (it was the third day of school and I was really nervous) I was sitting behind a couple of dudes I didn’t know but treated me very kindly and beside two of my best friends. Suddenly after we finished our warm-ups I felt like I couldn’t breathe and my chest felt really tight. I could barely sing and thought I was going to pass out and felt really dizzy. It went on for several minutes until I felt like I wasn’t even there. I could still here and see everything but I felt completely numb and wondered if I was passed out and dying and this was some sort of dream that my subconscious had created to keep me calm. I was snapped out of it when one of the dudes in front of my turned around and touched my hand. I felt like I was being pulled back to Earth for moment and I still felt really sick but I knew that I was okay. I realize now that I was having a mild panic attack (I’ve had them before and they were all worse than that so that’s why I didn’t realize) It genuinely scared me though and when I told my mom about it she was really concerned and asked if I needed to go to the doctor. I had another panic attack once I got home and then had a mental breakdown soon after. I haven’t had a panic attack since that day but I’m still anxious about having another one like that.

  • Winner07


     7 days ago

    whenever Im super sick at night my dream is always my room is super big like im microscopic I hate my dream It makes me freak out

  • Pawspritez


     7 days ago

    Anyone ever have a dream where they are peeing and then you realise you just peed in real life on ur bed?

  • little snake

    little snake

     7 days ago

    this happened to me last night

  • Jacob Efferson

    Jacob Efferson

     7 days ago

    You have to have that experience at least once in life

  • Cathetel 21

    Cathetel 21

     7 days ago

    Wow. I would really like to have an out-of-body experience. It's way better than not remembering your dreams properly. I know you don't feel this way but lucky you

  • Animal Animations

    Animal Animations

     14 days ago

    She was lucid dreaming, wasn’t she?? I’m not thru the video, so if she says it later, then sorry.😂😂