The Reasons Palpatine Returning in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Has Me Worried

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • I thought at max he'd be a force vision, but Apparently Palpatine will be in "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker". It pains me to say it, but I'm really skeptical about that...

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  • Alex Slen

    Alex Slen


    The new movie will be a remake of one of the first 6 movies. Probably a 2nd death Star planet the resistance has to blow up.

  • Helen Line

    Helen Line


    Well snoke, who was supposed to be the new badass villain, is dead. So what choice do they have, but to bring past characters back lol.

  • Leppy0014


     2 days ago

    If he's alive, that'll spell death for the remaining fanbase. Doesn't matter how they try to spin it.

  • Punished Venom Snake

    Punished Venom Snake

     5 days ago

    Still dont get why there is a piece of the Death Star on that planet, did you see how it blew the FUCK UP in Return of the Jedi? fucking stupid.

  • RRoJ


     7 days ago +3

    the franchise will decide your fate
    Palpatine: I AM THE FRANCHISE

  • Nico Reveco

    Nico Reveco

     7 days ago

    Darth Jar Jar, would love it

  • Den Smith

    Den Smith

     14 days ago

    YT is trying to get me to watch The Last Jedi for 14 fuckin dollars and 90 mutha fuckin 9 cents...can you believe that!

  • paul tak

    paul tak

     14 days ago

    It can all suck cock for all I care...

    It should of started out with Rey as some fucked up whore deathstick addict who doesnt give a shit about anything until.....

    Kylo should have remained completely mysterious and downright brutal AND NOT BEN FUCKING SOLO

    Finn should of been a serious character not some token black comic relief clown

    Han should have been a badass mature general

    Snoke was fine as is in Awakens

    They should of character developed the hell out of Rey to the point where she will seem to be come to on her own... we love her but then we realize a logical reason for her to turn and succomb to the darkside and kill Kylo when he somehow turns to the lightside as Snoke pretty much destroys him and then reveal his true identity of Kylo .... Do a complete switch

    And Luke has an epic saber duel vs Snoke

    Nobody wins and Snoke escapes by taking an Injured Rey with him

    Kylo dies in Lukes arms with remorse and regret

    We dont see Rey for most part of LastJedi until she comes out at the end with that double sided saber to fight Luke

    Rise of Skywalker Luke has to intentionally abandon going offense against Rey because he knows something we dont .....


    Rey IS A SKYWALKER and Snoke & Rey about to kill a beat up Luke when Rey realizes Luke is her father and sacrafices herself to save Luke from Snoke in an epic father& daughter vs Snoke

    Snoke is defeated and Rey emotionally dies in Lukes arms

    Luke is dedicated rest of his life to bring hope in the name of Master Jedi Skywalker. ... Hence Rise of Skywalker

  • joker Darker

    joker Darker

     14 days ago


  • Greg Smith

    Greg Smith

     21 days ago

    Here's a tip. Just don't treat this trilogy as canon. So who gives a fuck what they do. Even they have no plan. Palpatine died in Jedi. But it'll be fun to see this dumb action shit.

  • Jesse


     21 days ago

    7:16 Haha The Walking Dead...

  • David Kraft

    David Kraft

     21 days ago

    Well, to be fair. We never got any conclusion on the Sith being capable of saving themselves from death. I always assumed Palpatine knew the secret and never taught it to Vader, because that would make him lose the one little grasp he had on Anakin. It was a lollipop, he kept just out of reach. It would make sense, because Palpatine would want to rule the Empire forever, he had a backup, even in the event of his death.

  • Gazza660


     1 months ago

    I reckon Supreme Leader Snoke will come back but pretend to be Palpatine as he can make illusions as he created the link between Kylo and Rey I don't think he would fall for that trick with the lightsaber. That Kylo did I reckon he's in the shadows biding his time to strike.

  • Jack Edwards

    Jack Edwards

     1 months ago +1

    Every one here talking cynically about disney's intentions. I'm over here like "I think J J Abrams will do i fine job..."

  • Jack Edwards

    Jack Edwards

     1 months ago

    idk, i like the idea that he's coming back

  • Rafael Jimeno

    Rafael Jimeno

     1 months ago

    Don't press forward with trying to enjoy Episode 9, you will hand Disney your ticket money for the trash heap they make. At least wait until you can rent it or even better, watch it for free off a friend's rental. If Episode 9 makes a billion, no one at Disney will care that people said it was trash.

  • BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    BonzoDog67 Lizardking

     1 months ago +6

    The day it comes out I'll read Wikipedia for the plot, and say, "Oh, how stupid."

  • Dylan Mccoy

    Dylan Mccoy

     1 months ago

    3 words for Palpatine's return... Force time travel

  • Tahsin Ahmed

    Tahsin Ahmed

     1 months ago

    Here's my theory, Snoke is a deformed Palpatine clone who eventually becomes his own thing. But when Kylo the dumbass kills Snoke, Palpatine is like "Fine I will do it myself".

  • Derrick Nichols

    Derrick Nichols

     1 months ago

    That rat scorned everything up