Every 1970s Live-Action Superhero Show - Part 2 of 2 - #10-1

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • Part 2 of our Every 1970s Superhero Show! Welcome back to Retro Crunch for Part 2 of our RANKED List of Every Superhero TV show from the 1970s. Whether it’s a little boy that turns into a full grown superhero by saying SHAZAM, or guy that dresses like a spider to fight crime. The 70s had some great super heroes! And in this Part 2, were going to finally list the Top 10 greatest superheroes, so lets get started!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/8FzHGGV96tY


  • Retro Crunch

    Retro Crunch

     3 months ago +7

    Be sure to Watch Part 1 of 2 - #20-11 as well! https://youtu.be/Leq_NlFawC8

  • Richard Ashcraft

    Richard Ashcraft

     26 minutes ago

    I wish you had added Sapphire and Steel from England. Joanna Lumley of Absolutely Fabulous plays the psychic Sapphire, and The Invisible Man's David McCallum as her strong bodyguard Steel. They battle Time itself, which was always trying to break out of its past, present, and future prison by creating evil manifestations based on old things.

  • Vincent Carpenter

    Vincent Carpenter

     4 hours ago

    Gotta Love The 70's!!!

  • Tom Owens

    Tom Owens

     14 hours ago

    lynda carter was my first crush... and she's still gorgeous

  • Theodes Lewis

    Theodes Lewis

     3 days ago
    Was all my shows...
    I have the first season of six million dollar man on DVD...

  • afc 1911

    afc 1911

     3 days ago

    Linda Carter was just smokin hot.

  • steve Q hanson

    steve Q hanson

     3 days ago

    I loved these shows! Thanks for this

  • CHI-TownYankee


     4 days ago +1

    OMG my dad and brother would drool by the tv at Wonder Woman.

    Friday nights my parents would go to Bible Study at Uncle George's apartment in Chicago. About six to eight of us kids would be crammed into his bedroom watching the Hulk followed by Creature Feature on channel 32 UHF Chicago....Ahhhh Memories...

  • Charlie Wathen

    Charlie Wathen

     5 days ago

    Please bring Superman back to sci-fi sat. Day night please 😊

  • Adam Meek

    Adam Meek

     5 days ago

    if he sez 'ay' and not 'a' - I'm turning.

  • Jerry  Metcalf

    Jerry Metcalf

     6 days ago

    How about the original captain America I think it came out late 70's or early 80's

  • tphoyas


     6 days ago

    The Courtship of Eddie's Father = Bruce Banner LMAO

  • tphoyas


     6 days ago

    Loved Family Guy's ode to the Hulk where Stewie is inserted as Bill Bixby at the end thumbing a ride with the somber Hulk music .... classic

  • Michael Sparks

    Michael Sparks

     7 days ago

    you for got about superman with George reeves

  • Wannaporn Suwannakan

    Wannaporn Suwannakan

     7 days ago +1

    Replie if you saw an ultra man toy

  • Clark Kent

    Clark Kent

     7 days ago

    Loved SHAZAM
    SHAZAM is Solomon Hercules Achilles Zeus Atlas Mercury

  • Brian Curry

    Brian Curry

     7 days ago

    i love his mom

  • Brian Curry

    Brian Curry

     7 days ago

    i love his cap

  • Brian Curry

    Brian Curry

     7 days ago

    never see that coming

  • JORGE sanyu

    JORGE sanyu

     7 days ago +1

    Wonder Woman is the best!!👏👏👏❤